Interview: The Maddigans

The Edmonton, Alberta band, The Maddigans, are definitely worth a second look to anyone out there.

Trisha Watson (vocals), Seb Sanders (guitar), Thaddeus Lake (bass) and Benn Kimmis (drums) are the four [highly] talented young adults behind this [growing] band. And, through their lyrics, melodies and overall welcoming and positive attitudes, we can only presume that there is nowhere but up for this band.

Over two thousand eight hundred and one kilometres away, in Edmonton, Alberta, this band started back in early 2008. Since then, they have very well "established themselves as one of Canada's hardest working independent bands". Along the way they have managed to compile an insane amount of fans and enough tunes to make you never stop listening.

Their newest EP, titled Way To Start This, was released to iTunes on April 7th 2010. It is comprised of five [very] catchy and inspirational songs for your ears, including the popular song, Diamond Rings And Pretty Things.

Another great feature about The Maddigans is the fast that they seem to be on tour all the time. So, it is generally pretty easy to catch this band in a city or town near you all throughout the year.

For now, you will definitely want to check out their Facebook page and stay tuned because you will not want to miss a move from this band. And, although they are currently coming to a close on their current tour, stay tuned so you can catch them when they come back again, hopefully very soon.

Before that though, The Maddigans dropped by Basement Entertainment on April 27th 2011 and did a quick interview, as well as an acoustic version of their song Let's Keep A Secret. So, what are you waiting for? Check it out.

Check out the interview video below:

Check out the acoustic, Let's Keep A Secret, video below:

The Maddigans Links:

Photo credit: Facebook & Steve Blackwell

Picture 1: From left to right: Benn Kimmis (drums), Thaddeus Lake (bass) Trisha Watson (vocals) & Seb Sanders (guitar)
Picture 2: From left to right (back to front): Amy Blackwell (Basement Entertainment), Seb Sanders (guitar), Thaddeus Lake (bass), Benn Kimmis (drums), Trisha Watson (vocals) & Emily Stallard (Basement Entertainment)



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