Interview: Andrew Cook; of the band A Rocket To The Moon

Hailing from Braintree, Massachusetts, A Rocket To The Moon is a four member pop/rock/punk band. Starting in 2006 as an "electro-tinged sonic experiment" in vocalist Nick Santino's bedroom, it quickly blossomed into a much bigger project.

In mid 2008, A Rocket To The Moon signed with the American record label Fueled By Ramen. The boys then went on to record their Greetings From... EP, which encased their singles Dakota and If Only They Knew, which was soon after followed by an official music video.

Their debut, full length studio album, On Your Side, was then released on October 13th 2009. The video for their single off that album, Mr. Right, has [already] reached over two million views on Youtube.

Having toured with the likes of Cute Is What We Aim For, Secondhand Serenade, 3OH!3, The Summer Set and Boys Like Girls, just to name a few, the boys are unstoppable. They also toured with the band Hanson, known for their single MMMBop back in 1997, this past year. On top of that, their most recent single, Like We Used To, has exceeded well over four million views on Youtube.

The band's most recent release was an acoustic EP, called The Rainy Day Sessions, on October 5th 2010. The EP features the Lovell sisters and it showcases five stripped down, acoustic songs. It also includes an incredible cover of Beyoncé's song, Single Ladies.

You can currently check out A Rocket To The Moon on their first headlining tour, titled The On Your Side Tour. The tour hits Canada in mid April of 2011, so definitely check it out in a city near you.

With four EPs and one full length album already under their belts, we can only sit on the edge of our seat as we anticipate their next move.

Be sure to check out the brief interview I was able to do with the band's drummer, Andrew Cook.

Amy Blackwell: Hey, how is it going? I just have to start off by saying that it is such an honour to be able to interview you. I am such a huge fan and I absolutely love your music. You guys are so incredibly inspirational and talented so thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

Andrew Cook: Of course, anytime.

Amy Blackwell: Let's get on with it.

Andrew Cook: Alright.

Amy Blackwell: I have heard some pretty crazy stories from other bands as to how they ended up with their band name. So, of course I have to ask you too. Where did the name A Rocket To The Moon come from and does it have any specific meaning?

Andrew Cook: It was just something Nick came up with back when he was doing things on his own. He liked the sound of it so he went with it.

Amy Blackwell: A Rocket To The Moon essentially started in Nick's bedroom back in 2006 as an "electro-tinged" project. How did Nick start into music initially?

Andrew Cook: I think he just started by singing melodies into his phone to remember them. He then recorded them on his computer and went from there.

Amy Blackwell: Your songs are insanely catchy and they carry an incredibly cool style to them. How do you guys jump into writing new songs? Any 'tricks' for writing catchy songs?

Andrew Cook: Justin and Nick usually have melodic ideas with a rough concept in mind when they start writing. I don't think there are any tricks to writing catchy songs, it's just one of those things that has to come naturally.

Amy Blackwell: Your newest EP, The Rainy Day Sessions, is absolutely amazing. I also love how the Lovell sisters accompany Nick's [already incredible] voice. What made you guys decide to make a more 'acoustic/country' EP rather than sticking to your normal sound? How did Rebecca and Megan Lovell, from the folk band Larkin Poe, end up being on it with the four of you?

Andrew Cook: Well they used to be part of our management company, so that's where the connection happened. We heard them and loved what they were doing, so we wanted to collaborate. Folk music is something we all love and we all believe you can take any good song and translate it into [almost] any style, so we wanted to try to prove that.

Amy Blackwell: On the new EP you covered Beyoncé's famous song, Single Ladies. What is another song that you would like to cover or plan on covering in the future?

Andrew Cook: We have been covering a few on this tour for fun. As for one we haven't done that I'd like to do, I would say Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit.

Amy Blackwell: The video for your song Like We Used To has reached well over four million views on Youtube. What is it like knowing that that many people have already watched the video, let alone how many more will?

Andrew Cook: It's incredible. We are very thankful to have worked with the talented people that made that video for us and we are just stoked that our fans liked it.

Amy Blackwell: You guys opened for Hanson back in 2010 on their Shout It Out Tour which had to have been exciting. For people who do not know, Hanson broke onto the music scene with their single MMMBop back in 1997. Considering I was a huge fan of them back when I was younger, how was it opening for them? Were there any 'special' or memorable tour moments?

Andrew Cook: It was one of the best tours I've ever done. Those guys were so cool and humble and welcoming. You'd never know they were as successful and famous as they are. I think the most memorable moment was when we all covered AC/DC together.

Amy Blackwell: If you had the opportunity to write a soundtrack for an already released movie, what movie would it be and what would the soundtrack sound like?

Andrew Cook: Cool question. I would make a soundtrack for No Country For Old Men because there isn't any music in that film. I think it would be pretty spooky.

Amy Blackwell: If you were not doing music where do you think you would be right now and doing what?

Andrew Cook: I think I'd be in school, maybe. Or, I'd be in Los Angeles trying to act or write.

Amy Blackwell: What are you guys up to for 2011? Any new EPs, albums or music videos in the works?

Andrew Cook: Yep, we are writing and recording a brand new album.

Amy Blackwell: Thanks again for your time. You guys are truly talented and I cannot wait to see what you do next. Hopefully I will meet you guys sometime soon. All the best, take care.

Andrew Cook: Thank you.

A Rocket To The Moon Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook & A Rocket To The Moon Publicity

Picture 1: From left to right: Eric Halvorsen (bass / backing vocals), Nick Santino (vocals / guitar), Andrew Cook (drums) & Justin Richards (guitar / backing vocals)
Picture 2: Andrew Cook (drums)
Picture 3: A Rocket To The Moon - The Rainy Day Sessions EP Cover



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