Interview: Dan Bradimore; of the band Hello Beautiful

If you have not heard of the band Hello Beautiful, let me introduce them to you.

The band, which formed in 2006 in their hometown of Whitby, Ontario, consists of members Cole Kidd (vocals / guitar), Charlie Royal (vocals), Darrel Wallace (guitar), Dan Bradimore (bass / backing vocals) and Kevin Walsh (drums / backing vocals). The band is known for their unique sound which has been inspired by many genres of music, including rock, hip hop, jazz and many, many more.

Hello Beautiful released their debut album on April 8th 2008, titled Soundtrack For Scenario. They are also currently working on their second album, due to be released sometime in late 2010.

You will definitely want to check out Hello Beautiful's debut album, in stores now, and stay tuned to their Facebook page for constant updates. But, before you do that, check out my interview with Dan Bradimore, the bassist of Hello Beautiful.

Amy Blackwell: Hey Dan, how are you?

Dan Bradimore: I'm doin' good, how you doin'?

Amy Blackwell: I am doing great thanks. Let's start.

Dan Bradimore: Can't wait, let's get started.

Amy Blackwell: Who came up with the band name Hello Beautiful and does it have any special meanings?

Dan Bradimore: How a band gets its name is probably the most frequent question any band is asked. To be perfectly honest, I don't know because the name of the band dates back to when the band consisted of Cole and two members who are no longer in the band. I think Cole is the only one who knows for sure and I've never heard anything definitive from him. So, I guess there is no meaning. It means whatever you'd like it to mean.

Amy Blackwell: How did all the members of Hello Beautiful meet?

Dan Bradimore: Cole and Kevin have been playing in bands with each other for over ten years. The story goes; Kevin walked up to Cole's house one day, knocked on the door and the two have played with each other ever since. The funny thing is, they didn't know each other before that. I met Kevin in high school. Although I played in other bands, I always knew Cole and Kevin from their other projects. The three of us formed
a band for a brief time before Hello Beautiful called Avenue, which fell apart into the beginnings of what is now Hello Beautiful. I was asked to re-join the project, originally as a fill in for the old guitarist who had broken his arm snowboarding. It turns out, it was a permanent thing. We met Charlie and Darrell, playing events as our original lineup. When our old MC and lead guitarist left, we called upon them to be in the band and the rest is history.

Amy Blackwell: Who were inspirational artists or bands to you growing up?

Dan Bradimore: Inspirational music to me growing up was probably more classical and jazz influenced. I hadn't really heard any rock music until maybe grade seven or eight and didn't hear anything more until probably grade ten. Rock for me was never around in the beginning when I was learning the fundamentals. My mom was a piano/organist at the church for years so I grew up around a lot of hymns, gospel, classical and jazz music. I was really drawn to jazz more than anything. Guys like Oscar Peterson (piano) were my favourites growing up. But I also liked what my older siblings were listening to. Since I have a big family, that ranges from Phil Collins to Barenaked Ladies, 7Mary3 to the Refreshments and so on. Green Day's Brainstew was, however, the first song I ever performed live for people.

Amy Blackwell: When did you realize that music was a passion of yours?

Dan Bradimore: Music has been a passion since my earliest childhood memory. The earliest thing I can remember of my life is laying on my back, with my legs up on the speakers, listening to music for hours and hours. I used to do this all the time because my mom realized it was a sure way to shut me up. When the music came on, I stopped and listened until it was done. I used to go to the piano afterwards and try to play the notes I heard. I still do that to this day.

Amy Blackwell: What was the first instrument that you learned to play?

Dan Bradimore: First instrument is a toss-up between violin and piano. But since piano is the one I still play, I'll go with piano.

Amy Blackwell: What are some other hobbies or things that you like to do besides music?

Dan Bradimore: Hobbies outside of music...I'm a big science nerd. I like all the sciences and learning about whatever I can. I find it very interesting, what mankind is discovering about his world. I think it's because I find the future exciting. But I'm not a scientologist.

Amy Blackwell: Who would be an artist or band you would like to work with in the future if you had the chance?

Dan Bradimore: If I could work with anyone...well the guy that's producing our record, Eric Ratz (3 Days Grace, Billy Talent). I've really wanted to work with him for a while so I'm excited the new disc is being done with him. Let's see...Dave Grohl
from Foo Fighters, I'd like to meet Sam Roberts, I like Metric and the Killers. I could probably sit here and name lots of people or whole entire bands.

Amy Blackwell: If you could tour with any artist or band who would you want to tour with?

Dan Bradimore: I've really thought long and hard about that and I think it would be easier for me to say who I wouldn't want to tour with if presented with such a situation. I'm just happy touring at all, I think getting to know anyone on the road is great. I don't think I could answer that for sure.

Amy Blackwell: What was it like to see Hello Beautiful's music video on Muchmusic for the first time?

Dan Bradimore: I actually didn't see our video for a while when it was being played. Most of the time people would tell me they've seen it, but I never had. I remember the first time I did see it though and it was perfect. I literally rolled out of bed and turned on the television, I was still very sleepy and slow, as I always am in the mornings, and there we were, right away. As soon as I turned it on, they were announcing the song and it started. I think I remember quietly muttering to myself, "Holy $#@%, I'm on TV.".

Amy Blackwell: What is the scoop on the second album? Any release dates or singles planned?

Dan Bradimore: There's a very tight lid on things at the moment. We're very protective of leaking it too early, although I'm sure it's inevitable. I was actually just in the studio yesterday, so what I can say for sure is all the bass and drums are completely finished. There's still a tiny bit of guitar and piano left. Nine songs are finished raps, all songs are finished main vocals and backup vocals are still yet to be done.

All I can say is we're working with an incredible pair of producers and a studio, all with great reputations for making awesome albums. I'm very excited for the release, but, unfortunately, we're not sure when it will be out. One thing is certain; it's a very strong record and we hope people will enjoy it for all the same reasons we do. We've put everything we have into this album.

The fictional character, Harry Zimm said it best; "This will be my driving Miss Daisy.".

Amy Blackwell: Thanks so much for your time, I appreciate it Dan. Take care.

Dan Bradimore: To the talk music, you can have my time, anytime. I'm flattered enough to have anyone ask, it's very least I can do. Take care.

Hello Beautiful Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Dan Bradimore

Picture 1: From left to right: Dan Bradimore (bass / backing vocals), Cole Kidd (vocals / guitar), Kevin Walsh (drums / backing vocals), Charlie Royal (vocals) & Darrel Wallace (guitar)
Picture 2: Dan Bradimore (bass / backing vocals)
Picture 3: Hello Beautiful - Soundtrack For Scenario CD Cover



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