Interview: Take Me To The Pilot

Three months ago the Winnipeg, Manitoba band Take Me To The Pilot stopped by Basement Entertainment while they were in town for an event. So, of course, when we booked them on July 2nd 2012 we had to get them back for another interview.

Mike Bilenki (vocals / guitar), Eric Grabowecky (guitar), Adam Brown (bass / backing vocals) and Jonathan James (drums) are four guys I am so stoked to have discovered and met. All four of these young men have an amazing personality on their own. So, it is no surprise that whenever these guys leave Basement Entertainment my cheeks are throbbing from their jokes and laughs.

When Take Me To The Pilot was here three months ago they announced that they were preparing to release their second EP in a matter of months. And, their newest EP, titled What Makes You, was officially released on June 15th 2012.

Yet again, the music Take Me To The Pilot have released on their newest EP is beyond incredible. To be honest, I am not even sure how to describe it anymore.
The perfect melodies, beautiful lyrics and overall outstanding sound is definitely what makes this band stand out.

So, make sure you pick up a copy of their latest release, a brand new EP titled What Makes You, when they play a city near you. You can also purchase it on iTunes. And, while you are there, pick up their self-titled first EP as well.

The talent these four possess always amazes me. So, be sure to check them out very soon. Until then, make sure you watch my follow up interview with Take Me To The Pilot when they dropped by Basement Entertainment on July 2nd 2012.

Check out the interview video below:

Take Me To The Pilot Links:

Photo credit: Facebook & Jim Blackwell

Picture 1: From left to right: Adam Brown (bass / backing vocals), Mike Bilenki (vocals / guitar), Jonathan James (drums) & Eric Grabowecky (guitar)
Picture 2: From left to right: Eric Grabowecky (guitar), Jonathan James (drums), Amy Blackwell (Basement Entertainment), Adam Brown (bass / backing vocals) & Mike Bilenki (vocals / guitar)



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