Interview: Lucy Levinsohn; of the band Evolove

Pop/rock band, Evolove, have been taking the Los Angeles, California music scene by storm.

Fronted by Lucy Levinsohn (vocals), alongside Colby Jensen (guitar), Dave Corsile (guitar), Billy Berman (bass) and Andrew Carroll (drums), this band has certainly put a lot of hard work into their dreams. And, with what they have already done, it just goes to show that hard work really does pays off.

Evolove is known for their highly explosive performances on stage. It even states in their band biography that "the band always gives 110% at all of their events.".

After releasing their first EP, 2012: Countdown To The End, on January 15th 2010 and their second EP, Breaking Heartstrings, on August 9th 2011, they are hard at work on their next release.

Set to be out in spring of 2012, their next release is going to be a full length, acoustic album. Titled, Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1, it will have twelve tracks, three of which will be brand new. And, with the album nearing completion, you can help be an 'executive producer' by investing in the record before it officially releases. If you go to the band's official website you can purchase the album already, which then helps pay for the final touches. Anyone who invests in the album early gets a signed copy upon completion, as well as a personal credit on the liner notes and a signed photo of the band.

On top of everything this band has already done, Evolove have played huge known venues throughout the United States such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Viper Room, Roxy Theatre, House Of Blues and many, many more. They also seem to either be on tour or just playing events a lot meaning you can catch them quite often.

So, make sure you go invest in their newest album and catch up on their other amazing EPs on iTunes. Plus, while you are at it, make sure you check out my interview with Evolove vocalist, Lucy Levinsohn.

Amy Blackwell: Hey, how are you doing? Thanks for taking the time to do this interview.

Lucy Levinsohn: I am doing great. Let's do this.

Amy Blackwell: Let's start.

Lucy Levinsohn: I'm ready.

Amy Blackwell: Fan Question (from Rebecca DeMars in Los Angeles, California, United States): How did you guys come up with the name Evolove?

Lucy Levinsohn: Honestly it just kind of came to me. I was thinking up band names and I got this concept in my mind. What I love about our band name is that it is a palindrome. We have come up with our own definition of what that band name means. Evolove is the all encompassing love we have for music.  It is the force that brings us together and it is the tie that bonds us all.

Amy Blackwell: One of the most interesting questions to ask any band is how they met. Sometimes there are some bizarre or even 'cute' stories as to how a band first got started. So, what is the story behind Evolove?

Lucy Levinsohn: Billy and I have been in two other bands together outside of Evolove. Him and I searched Los Angeles high and low to find the right guys for the band. We met Dave and Colby through Craigslist. Andrew, our newest member, was a gift from our last tour. After our former drummer decided to bail just weeks before we were set for a two month national tour, we asked a huge favour of Andrew. Since we were touring with his band, we asked him if he could fill in all tour. For two months he played two sets a night just to help us out. By the time we came back home, we were family. He joined our band shortly after.

Amy Blackwell: You guys are from Los Angeles, California, which, in my mind, seems to be a music hub in the United States. First off, did you guys already live in Los Angeles prior to the band. And, secondly, how do you think being in such a musical city has helped your careers?

Lucy Levinsohn: None of us are originally from Los Angeles. Billy has been here the longest. The rest of us moved here specifically for music. Being in Los Angeles is awesome. We are in the center of it all. At the same time, there is a lot of distraction in this city. I would say living here has made us work harder to be the best at what we do.

Amy Blackwell: Fan Question (from Matt Salazar in Beverly Hills, California, United States): How, and when, did you guys discover your sound?

Lucy Levinsohn: This is a hard question to answer. Honestly we all just write what we love. Our sound is something that naturally evolved. It was all very organic.

Amy Blackwell: You guys currently have two EPs kicking around on iTunes that are available to purchase. Your most recent EP, titled Breaking Heartstrings, was released back in August 2011. Since it is early 2012 already can we expect some new music coming soon?

Lucy Levinsohn: Yes. We are working on a new acoustic, full length, record, titled Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1. There are three new songs we are releasing with this album. We did something cool this time and allowed fans to invest in the record and be 'executive producers' on the project. Since everything we do is for our fans, it made perfect sense to do this. In fact, we are still in the middle of the process and it is not too late for investors to join in. Everyone can check it out at our website on the merch page. There are special incentives for those who invest, including a hard copy of the record. We are releasing it digitally for the rest of the world.

Amy Blackwell: What is your favourite song off each EP? Which song has the most meaning?

Lucy Levinsohn:  My favourite song from the first EP, 2012: Countdown To The End, is Let Me In. My favourite song from the second EP, Breaking Heartstrings, is Four Walls. All of us have different favourites though. Another song off of Breaking Heartstrings is Nothing But Me, I wrote the lyrics to that song during a very dark time. All of our songs are written to have meaning but a lot of people come to me particularly about this song even though we rarely play it live.

Amy Blackwell: Although I have never actually been to an Evolove live event, yet, I get the hint that they are pretty amazing. Again in your Facebook biography it states you give "110% at all events". So, what is a typical event like for Evolove?

Lucy Levinsohn: Sweat, and lots of it. We do give 110% each event. We love what we do and we love entertaining. Our live performance is super high energy and fun.

Amy Blackwell: Although I only discovered you guys not that long ago and I have not traced back your events prior to me discovering you, have you guys played outside of the United States a lot? What is one place you would really like to tour to in the near future?

Lucy Levinsohn: We have toured the United States pretty extensively. Our next goal within the United States is to get ourselves to New York City, as well as every state in between. We would love to tour Europe, Asia and Australia next.

Amy Blackwell: You guys seem to tour a fair amount, so what is the craziest thing you have experienced on a tour before?

Lucy Levinsohn: For me staying in stranger's houses is pretty crazy. I have learned to get past that. We have made some of the best friends over these last six months and I have slept in some pretty strange places. Years from now when I look back on this, I know that these really are the 'good old days'.

Amy Blackwell: Fan Question (from Fernando Martinez in Lawndale, California, United States): In this day and age when there are girl fronted bands they often get compared to Paramore. How do you think you set yourselves apart from them?

Lucy Levinsohn: When you are in a girl fronted rock band you can't get away from comparisons. We generally try to just focus on doing what we do. Our songs are what we use to set ourselves apart.

Amy Blackwell: Throughout your Facebook biography it states that Evolove signed a music licensing agreement with
the widely famous channel MTV. Because of this, your songs are now featured in shows such as True Life and Teen Mom. What was it like to achieve something so cool and have your songs featured in huge television shows?

Lucy Levinsohn: As a songwriter it is a very good feeling to hear your music in television and film. It's what sets us apart from this being a hobby versus being our profession. We are very proud to announce that we recently signed with a great music licensing company, Opus 1 Music. I feel some cool opportunities are on the way.

Amy Blackwell: That is awesome, congratulations.

Lucy Levinsohn: Thank you.

Amy Blackwell: Evolove's music video for Wake Up Call has almost thirty three thousand views on Youtube, as do most of your other official music videos. What was the feedback from fans on your Wake Up Call music video and was it what you anticipated to hear?

Lucy Levinsohn: We have had a great response from our video. It was directed by Iggi Ogard and I just love the creativity she brought to the table. You don't see that many independent bands putting out produced videos like this.

Amy Blackwell: What is in the near future for Evolove and where can fans catch up with you soon?

Lucy Levinsohn: We have two great events coming up in the Los Angeles area. We have one April 21st 2012 with Cherri Bomb and another May 7th with Lacey Conner, We Are the Riot, The Dark and Demona Mortiss. Both events are free and all ages. We will also be announcing our next tour very soon.

Amy Blackwell: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview. I cannot wait to see what you guys release next. Have a great day.

Lucy Levinsohn: Thank YOU for taking the time to get to know us.

Evolove Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Evolove Publicity

Picture 1: From left to right: Billy Berman (bass), Colby Jensen (guitar), Lucy Levinsohn (vocals), Andrew Carroll (drums) & Dave Corsile (guitar)
Picture 2: Lucy Levinsohn (vocals)
Picture 3: Evolove - 2012: Countdown To The End EP Cover
Picture 4: Evolove - Breaking Heartstrings EP Cover
Picture 5: Evolove - Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1 CD Cover



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