Interview: Take Me To The Pilot

Mike Bilenki (vocals / guitar), Eric Grabowecky (guitar), Adam Brown (bass / backing vocals) and Jonathan James (drums) are the four talented guys behind Take Me To The Pilot.

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, this band is certainly one of those bands you will want to follow, if not already. Since starting in 2009, Take Me To The Pilot have already put some incredible achievements behind them.

The band recorded their debut, self-titled EP, which was released in 2010, under the supervision of their manager at Paradise Alley Productions. The guys have also been on five successful tours and have received rotation on some major Canadian radio stations. Plus, Take Me The Pilot's hit, Tonight, was even played in Muchmusic's successful television series, Degrassi.

On top of everything else, Take Me To The Pilot have shared the stage with big names such as Fefe Dobson, These Kids Wear Crowns, Stereos, Everest and many, many more. And, with their fan base steadily growing, it was no surprise these guys scored a booking deal with The Agency Group in early 2011.

The band's Facebook biography provides even more insight into this band and their vision, stating, "We straddle the line between pop/punk based rock and pure pop music. Our songs have guitars you can rock out to, as well as beats you can dance to. There's no pretence and no worries: it's
music with hooks you can sing, lyrics you'll remember and is simply a whole lot of fun. After being part of a classic rock band for four years, it was time for a change. I just write whatever comes out, no pretences, no expectations. Those are the songs you hear on Take Me To The Pilot."

So, with one "awe-inspiring, dynamic and virulent" EP already out, we can only wait to see what they will bring on their next EP, set to be released in mid 2012.

As vocalist Mike Bilenki stated on their Facebook page, "Anybody can hear a song but if it can affect you on a level where it stirs something up, that's when it's truly powerful. Fifty people will listen to one song and hear a million different things. If the song connects with all of them on any level, then through that song, those fifty people ultimately become the same person. Moments like that are why we do what we do and that's what Take Me To The Pilot is all about. I dare you to find four guys who are more stoked about doing what we do."

I know I cannot wait to hear their newest EP, due out very soon. But, as we wait, why not check out the interview I did with Take Me To The Pilot when they dropped by Basement Entertainment on March 23rd 2012.

Check out the interview video below:

Check out the acoustic, Tonight, video below:

Check out the acoustic, Call The Cops, video below:

Check out the acoustic, Right Now, video below:

Take Me To The Pilot Links:

Photo credit: Facebook & Jim Blackwell

Picture 1: From left to right: Adam Brown (bass / backing vocals), Mike Bilenki (vocals / guitar), Jonathan James (drums) & Eric Grabowecky (guitar)
Picture 2: From left to right: Adam Brown (bass / backing vocals), Eric Grabowecky (guitar), Amy Blackwell (Basement Entertainment), Mike Bilenki (vocals / guitar) & Jonathan James (drums)



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