Interview: Slow Motion Victory

Slow Motion Victory, comprised of Toby Bey (vocals), Quentin Carter (guitar / backing vocals), Eric Bonus (guitar / backing vocals) and Dane Wannamaker (bass), are slowly taking over the music scene ever since their appearance on Muchmusic's show, Discovered.

These four young men are [obviously] incredibly talented and it is pretty evident through listening to their music.

Hailing from Brantford, Ontario, their debut EP, titled The War Inside, was released on May 29th 2011. Providing five way-too-catchy tunes, it truly shows what these boys are capable of.

This past summer of 2011, Slow Motion Victory appeared on Muchmusic's show Discovered. Throughout the course of the series we got to watch as the band experienced a few ups and downs. Yet, in the end they still managed to end on a high note, rocking their performance in front of the industry judges. And, although they were not offered a record deal like they may have hoped, this band is still one of my favourites.

With 2011 almost at a close we can only wait and see what the boys do in 2012. But, I do know one thing, they are not going to make 2012 just like every other year. They certainly have huge plans and I cannot wait to find out what they have in store.

So, make sure you check out Slow Motion Victory and be sure to catch the interview I did with the guys, at Basement Entertainment, on December 28th 2011. These four are certainly going somewhere big.

Check out the interview video below:

Slow Motion Victory Links:

Photo credit: Jim Blackwell

Picture 1: From left to right: Quentin Carter (guitar / backing vocals), Eric Bonus (guitar / backing vocals), Amy Blackwell (Basement Entertainment), Dane Wannamaker (bass) & Toby Bey (vocals)



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