Interview: The Raspberry Heaven

By now it is apparent that Michael Hansford, originally from Midland, Ontario, is not your average twenty year old.

Since starting his project, The Raspberry Heaven, back in 2010, at just nineteen, his career has been steadily growing. Now, with [just] over one thousand fans on Facebook, Michael's project is becoming a popular name amongst the music world.

As a part of the band biography on The Raspberry Heaven's main website it states, "Drawing inspiration from such musical acts as Bob Dylan and Lydia, this shy, moccasin-clad DIYer demonstrates wisdom beyond his nineteen years of age. He recognizes that he has a lot of room to grow both, as a person and as a musician, and truly appreciates any help he can get, whether in the form of donations, fans or even a smile on the street."

On March 10th 2011 Michael Hansford released his first EP, under the name The Raspberry Heaven. Titled Loyola; The Everafter, the EP is comprised of five absolutely breathtaking songs.

Not only does this young man know how to write music, but, he also knows how to get his name around the music scene. Spreading his "hippie love dust into the air for all to breathe and become intoxicated by", Michael has expanded his fan base to fans [literally] all over the world. Plus, he has already played with huge names such as Chiara Young, The Sam Roberts Band and Bif Naked.

To make things even more exciting, it is usually pretty easy to catch Michael, and The Raspberry Heaven, live, near you. In his current dwelling, of London, Ontario, Michael seems to be hitting the stage every couple of weeks. And, beyond London, Ontario, he appears to be on the road quite often.

Make sure you check out The Raspberry Heaven very soon. But, in the meantime, check out an interview I did with Michael when he dropped by Basement Entertainment on August 12th 2011.

Check out the interview video below:


Check out the acoustic, There Is Hope In You Yet, video below:

Check out the acoustic, With Heart, Skin And Bones, video below:

The Raspberry Heaven Links:

Photo credit: Facebook & Jim Blackwell

Picture 1: Michael Hansford
Picture 2: From left to right: Michael Hansford & Amy Blackwell (Basement Entertainment)



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