Featured: March 9-March 15 2014 - McCalister - Something To Believe In

It is March 9th 2014 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

Sarah Kapilow (vocals / guitar), Bobby Grimaldi (guitar), Andrew Van Buskirk (bass / vocals) and Dan Martino (drums) are the four individuals to thank for this week's 'Song of the Week', Something To Believe In.

From Westwood, New Jersey, McCalister provide an alternative/pop/punk sound to their [always growing] fan base. And, with a nice [almost] ten thousand views on Youtube, and just over five hundred 'likes' on their Facebook page, since their formation in late 2012, well, it is clear they are going nowhere but up.

"With each member having their own experience from previous bands, the four members of McCalister joined forces to bring a fresh and invigorating look into the alternative/pop/punk music scene."

The four officially released their debut EP, titled Something To Believe In, to their Bandcamp page on May 1st 2013. And, "Despite only coming together as an official unit in October 2012, the four member pop/punk outfit, known as McCalister, jumped right into the music scene with a force more powerful than they could imagine.".

What drew me in to McCalister after just one listen was, not only their [always] memorable tunes, but also the catchy duel vocals. On the band's Facebook page they state,
"Featuring male and female vocals, catchy melody lines and powerful song structure, McCalister is bound for success.". And, with their latest EP that is certainly true.

Something To Believe In, their debut release, is equipped with seven songs that will definitely have you looking into this band further. Alongside five phenomenally written, and executed, original songs, the final two tracks on their EP provide something a little different. The sixth track is an unbelievable cover of Taylor Swift's hit, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. And, the final track is a perfect acoustic recording of this week's 'Song of the Week', and the EPs title track, Something To Believe In.

So, if you were like me, unaware of this amazingly talented band from Westwood, New Jersey until now, make sure you continue to check out their music. McCalister is certainly going to be a band you will want to watch out for throughout 2014. And, I know their success is only going to continue to grow.

You can currently pick up McCalister's debut EP on the band's Bandcamp page. But, you can also catch a few songs, recorded and live, on the b
and's Youtube Channel, including this week's 'Song of the Week', Something To Believe In, found here:

See you next Sunday for the newest 'Song of the Week' article to be published, right here on Basement Entertainment's official website. Before then, check out McCalister, their amazing EP, Something To Believe In, and continue to spread the word of this band to all your friends.

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Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Bobby Grimaldi (guitar), Andrew Van Buskirk (bass / vocals), Sarah Kapilow (vocals / guitar) & Dan Martino (drums)
Picture 2: McCalister - Something To Believe In EP Cover



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