Featured: December 29-January 4 2014 - SilverSpark - Light The Fuse

It is December 29th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

The Atlantic Ocean may be one thing separating Canada, and Basement Entertainment, from the band earning the last 'Song of the Week' spot of 2013. However, for this talented band, distance is no obstacle when it comes to their drive in the music industry.

From Daventry, England comes SilverSpark, an indie/rock band consisting of Carley Phillips (vocals / piano), Matt Phillips (guitar), Lincoln Spalding (bass) and Matt Hewitson (drums).

"Bringing together extensive musical experiences and an eclectic mix of influences, Carley and Matt Phillips formed SilverSpark and penned their first tracks based on their our own real life frustrations, elations and experiences."

"With growing demand, and a burning desire to take SilverSpark on the road, the duo expanded in 2013 with a talented, driving rhythm section in drummer Matt Hewitson and bassist Lincoln Spalding."

With influences such as No Doubt, Kings Of Leon, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, and many, many more, it is pretty clear how SilverSpark's remarkable sound may have come to light.

On February 1st 2012, SilverSpark released their first EP, titled Light Th
e Fuse, to their official website and iTunes page. And, the only disappointing feature of the EP is that it is only comprised of six songs...

SilverSpark immediately caught my attention when I discovered them on the internet a little while ago. Vocalist Carley Phillips can certainly deliver some incredible, spot-on vocals, plus the band's tight music does not go unnoticed. So, the self-titled track, Light The Fuse, found on their debut EP, is earning this week's 'Song of the Week 'spot.

It is pretty apparent that incredible things will continue to come from this very talented band. Their music is unforgettable, their passion and talent is clearly apparent and, well, it is fair to say this [England based] band knows what they are doing. Plus, their rapidly growing fan base would definitely agree.

So, you need to check out SilverSpark and discover what made them earn the last 'Song of the Week' spot of 2013 for their song Light The Fuse.
As the band says, "Catch us if you can....this fledgling SilverSpark has found its musical feet."

If you are like me, a little too far from SilverSpark's hometown to catch them live, you will want to give their EP, Light The Fuse, a listen right away. The entire EP can be found on the band's Soundcloud page, here:

See you next Sunday, and next year, when we announce the next artist or band to continue our 'Song of the Week' spot in 2014. Before then, give SilverSpark a listen and fall in love with this band's unforgettable music.

SilverSpark Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Matt Hewitson (drums), Lincoln Spalding (bass), Matt Phillips (guitar) & Carley Phillips (vocals / piano)
Picture 2: SilverSpark - Light The Fuse EP Cover



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