Featured: December 22-December 28 2013 - Handsome Distraction - The Why

It is December 22nd 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

"Handsome Distraction have taken a steady approach toward breaking into the rock music scene since their formation in 2009. Their refreshing, upbeat rock sound, and authentic and energetic stage performance, sets them aside from the surplus of others trying to make it big."

Devin Perfect (vocals / guitar), Joey Arthur (guitar / backing vocals), Chris Weaver (bass / backing vocals) and Kyle White (drums / backing vocals) have been gaining popularity throughout the Canadian music scene, as well as their hometown of Victoria, British Columbia, with their phenomenal rock style music. And, of course, fans just cannot get enough of these guys.

"Devin Perfect sings with passion and power while blazing his two-step around the stage, Joey Mono's leads stay with you like a well placed catch phrase, while Chris Weaver dances his fingers over the bass' fretboard, all supported by Kyle White's robust nerve pulsing rhythms. Handsome Distraction's talented quartet successfully combines the eclectic influences of bands like Weezer, Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon and The Pixies."

The four released their first EP, Middle Of Somewhere, on January 7th 2011 to their Bandcamp page. It was then proceeded with the release of their second EP, Fight Or Flight, which the guys later put out on May 12th 2012.

Most recently, Handsome Distraction put forth their latest collection of songs, put together in an EP titled A Mighty Roar. The EP, which the guys released to their Bandcamp page on May 10th 2013, has definitely been earning this band some [even greater] attention.

The five track EP has been earning the band consecutive five star reviews, as well as a consistently growing fan base, which now currently sits at over two thousand on their Facebook page. And, with that, these four talented guys have earned this week's 'Song of the Week' spot for their track titled The Why.

Handsome Distraction's music itself is something you really need to check out. With their amazing influences, as well as each member's unique talent, the band comes together perfectly. Plus, even though I have yet to meet, or see, the band in person, I have a feeling their live set is something you will not forget...

So, Handsome Distraction is the band snagging this week's 'Song of the Week' spot with their original song, The Why. The band's [already] incredible and unforgettable sound is something that will undoubtedly continue to take this band even further throughout 2014.

"With tight arrangements, natural flare and catching songs, this band has it all. Keep your eyes on these guys and your radios dialled in as Handsome Distraction makes their way through a city near you."

If you cannot catch Handsome Distraction live anytime soon, definitely check out The Why, this week's 'Song of the Week', as well as the entire A Mighty Roar EP, right away on their Bandcamp page, here:

See you next Sunday for another 'Song of the Week' to be posted. But, of course, while you wait, please give Handsome Distraction a listen and help spread the word of this talented Vancouver, British Columbia [rock] band.

Handsome Distraction Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right (top to bottom): Kyle White (drums / backing vocals), Chris Weaver (bass / backing vocals), Joey Arthur (guitar / backing vocals) & Devin Perfect (vocals / guitar)
Picture 2: Handsome Distraction - A Mighty Roar EP Cover



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