Featured: December 15-December 21 2013 - Late In The Playoffs - Golden Years

It is December 15th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

I just discovered the band taking this week's 'Song of the Week' spot. And, well, this [Chicago, Illinois based] band certainly does not disappoint.

"All in college, Late In The Playoffs have been together since 2009 and have already played popular Chicago venues such as The Metro, Double Door, Reggie's, Beat Kitchen and Subterranean. The band is steadied by Aaron Goldschmidt (vocals / guitar) and, after a number of lineup changes, the group was finally solidified with Dan Schein (bass), Christian Ray (drums), and original member Conor Page (guitar)."

Late In The Playoffs released their first EP, titled Everything I Know, on August 30th 2011. And, although the EP was seriously well done, and helped the band [continue to] grow to [over] three thousand 'likes' on Facebook, their latest release has drawn me in even more.

Alive And On Your Own, the band's latest CD, dropped on July 2nd 20
13 to their iTunes page. And, each of the ten songs that appear on the album are incredibly well written and executed. However, the first track, titled Golden Years, is the one taking this week's 'Song of the Week' spot.

In the band's Facebook biography they express their feelings towards their new record, saying, "Late In The Playoffs are thrilled to finally have a full length album to showcase on the road." They also state, "Musically, I think we found what we want. We have a solid group of guys that write great songs. With this release, we're giving people a little more of what we can do, but we're not satisfied, and are ready for the next challenge."

So, Late In The Playoffs is definitely a band you will want to check out and continue to watch. Each of the members have proven their insane talent and it is clear that this band is going nowhere but up, making them earn this week's 'Song of the Week' spot.

You can currently purchase Late In The Playoff's latest album, Alive And On Your Own, on their iTunes page. As well, you can also check out the official music video for this week's 'Song of the Week', Golden Years, on their Youtube Channel, found here:

See you next Sunday for the next, brand new, 'Song of the Week' article to be posted. In the meantime, please check out Late In The Playoffs and make sure you give their newest album, Alive And On Your Own, a listen.

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Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Christian Ray (drums), Conor Page (guitar), Aaron Goldschmidt (vocals / guitar) & Dan Schein (bass)
Picture 2: Late In The Playoffs - Alive And On Your Own CD Cover



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