Featured: October 20-October 26 2013 - The Capital - Sir Reality

It is October 20th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

Raleigh, North Carolina is where the band earning this week's 'Song of the Week' calls home. But, with their perfect pop/rock sound, The Capital have managed to build a fan base much broader.

The Capital, which currently consists of Will Davis (vocals / guitar), Daniel Hall (guitar) and Aaron Rackley (drums), started out in December of 2011. But, just two years in, and these three have formed a fan base of over one thousand 'likes' on Facebook and just under nine thousand views on their Youtube page.

No matter how much their fan base may be extending, the band's description on their Facebook page shows just how true these young men have stayed, writing, "There are two things that gives music the breath of life: truth and passion. In an attempt to combine these two, you will find The Capital. We do not wish to achieve fans or 'likes'. We set out to achieve this attempt and for it to be evident amongst fellow music lovers."

The band states Relient K, Blink-182, The Early November, Cartel and many others as their musical influences. However, no matter what they may draw off of, The Capital have managed to create a very unique and distinctive sound, definitely setting them apart in the [crowded] music scene. And, of course, their song Sir Reality is earning this week's 'Song of the Week' spot because of that.

The Capital released their debut EP, titled Finding Certainty, on July 31st 20
12 to their iTunes page. And, as the band released some tracks from the EP to their Youtube Channel, they definitely started catching people's attention, immediately.

The band was earning rave reviews for their Youtube posts right away. Fans were commenting with encouragement such as, "This is killer guys! We want to hear more!" and "Sounds awesome guys, keep it up!".

But, just as fans could not get enough of Finding Certainty, The Capital released their latest EP, titled The Changing Of Seasons.

The Changing Of Seasons was put out [just] five days ago on October 15th 2013. Also released to their iTunes page, The Changing Of Seasons is made up of six songs that will, once again, have you addicted to this phenomenal band.

So, you will definitely want to make sure you get your hands on a copy of The Capital's latest EP, The Changing Of Seasons. With music this well put together these guys will certainly be hanging around for a while. And, they undoubtedly earned this week's 'Song of the Week' spot.

If you have not heard this week's 'Song of the Week', Sir Reality, or any other song put forth by The Capital, please make sure you do. You can find a few of their songs on their Youtube Channel, such as Sir Reality, found here:

See you next Sunday for another, brand new 'Song of the Week' to be announced. But, over the next week, please find your way to The Capital's Facebook page, and Youtube Channel, and discover the amazing talent these guys portray.

The Capital Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: The Capital Logo
Picture 2: The Capital - The Changing Of Seasons EP Cover



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