Featured: October 6-October 12 2013 - Raydea - I've Begun To See

It is October 6th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

The band taking this week's 'Song of the Week' spot lives [right here] in the tri-cities, in Waterloo, Ontario. And, let's just say, I am glad these two live [so] close.

Rachel Bruch (vocals / guitar / violin) and Dylan Daquano (guitar / backing vocals) started their project, titled Raydea, in 2012. And, their folk inspired acoustic songs, that also contain the beautiful melodies of violin, have been radiating with fans ever since.

I first ran into Raydea's tunes as I was searching through artists and bands on Facebook one night in early April of 2013. I happened to find Raydea, in amongst the mix, and I was instantly drawn in just a few seconds into hearing their music. Right away I put them on an upcoming Basement Entertainment event, that happened in June of 2013, and from that night on I cannot get enough. So, of course, I've Begun To See, Raydea's phenomenal original tune, is earning this week's 'Song of the Week' spot.

Between Rachel Bruch's captivating, beautiful and overall stunning vocals, mixed with Dylan Daquano's perfect backing vocals, and the two's superbly written melodies...well, you find yourself wanting more [to say the least]...

The two joined Facebook in 2012 with their Raydea band page and have now earned [just over] two hundred 'likes'. As well, their Youtube Channel has received [just over] seven hundred views. But, Raydea's music is starting to surely bloom in their hometown. Infact, the two just played a Basement Entertainment event last night and have another in just a few weeks.

There is something insanely unique about Rachel and Dylan. Not only do their voices instantly give you the chills, but their music itself is something uniquely different from most. And, as said on their Facebook page, "We are two friends making music we like, in between making music we like a little bit less."

Although Raydea have yet to officially release an EP or CD, they do have a few songs and videos floating around on the internet. But, most recently, Rachel and Dylan released an 'attic recording' of I've Begun To See, this week's 'Song of the Week', on their Youtube Channel in April of 2013. And, while it may be six months old, the video provides fans with just a glimpse of what they are capable of.

So, if you have not ran into Raydea's music online, definitely check it out very soon. I know these two will be playing many more Basement Entertainment events in the [near] future and their live performance is something you need to check out right away.

The music these two are able to produce is just outstanding. And, their future will surely be bright, earning them this week's 'Song of the Week' spot with I've Begun To See.

If you are not able to make it out to an event to catch Raydea live, you will have to settle for their recorded music in the meantime. So, why not check out the 'attic recording' of I've Begun To See, this week's featured 'Song of the Week', on their Youtube Channel, here:

See you next Sunday for the next artist or band to be awarded the 'Song of the Week' spot. But, of course, in the meantime, please find your way to Raydea's social media websites and discover this very talented Waterloo, Ontario [based] project. You will not be disappointed.

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Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Rachel Bruch (vocals / guitar / violin) & Dylan Daquano (guitar / backing vocals)
Picture 2: From left to right: Dylan Daquano (guitar / backing vocals) & Rachel Bruch (vocals / guitar / violin)



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