Featured: September 15-September 21 2013 - Dizzy From Dreaming - Dizzy Dreamer

It is September 15th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

The featured artist taking this week's 'Song of the Week' spot dwells in a city not too far from here. Cambridge, Ontario is where this week's featured artist calls home. But, his music has taken him far beyond.

Phil Mihaly (vocals / guitar) initially launched his project, Dizzy From Dreaming, in May of 2012. His perfect acoustic masterpieces have been attracting fans ever since. And, of course, his newest song, Dizzy Dreamer, has caught fans most recently, making it earn this week's 'Song of the Week' spot.

On the official Dizzy From Dreaming Facebook page, Phil shares four 'simple' paragraphs that instantly make you realize his talent. Those four paragraphs read;

"That feeling when you wake up, you don't know up from down. Thoughts flow like a river, in your stream of consciousness you drown. An awakening, how rude! That alarm makes you feel nauseous. Life is so much better while you're swimming through subconscious.

There's a kingdom in your head that you visit every night. A simple paradise where you know everything's alright. The sky, volcano, a forest, or the big old blue. Swimming through the stars, love and fantasy hold true.

Whether you're swimming, climbing, swinging, or flying. Winning and sinning, or falling and dying. Maybe you woke up crying, a second before the kiss. Dreaming up a romance, with a lover that you miss.

Real life isn't as fun if it's thrills and pleasure you seek. Let me close my eyes, maybe I'll catch another peek. Then your body does a stretch, but mentally you're screaming. You must have
been Dizzy From Dreaming."

Although he was not pursuing Dizzy From Dreaming just yet,
I first met and booked Phil in February of 2012. And, from that event on I knew this young man was certainly talented.

Nineteen months later and Basement Entertainment continues to follow and book Phil and his project, Dizzy From Dreaming. And, just like any of his fans, I am always checking out his Youtube Channel for new songs to be posted. So, of course, when Dizzy Dreamer went up, it was a given that it was this week's 'Song of the Week'.

Whether it is his perfect voice, or phenomenally written lyrics and songs, not to mention his kind and professional mannerism, this young man has some serious talent. Plus, if you have given any of his songs a listen you will instantly agree...this guy can write.

The first verse, alone, of his newest tune, Dizzy Dreamer, proves his talent. Reading, "I've come to know the feeling of being free, it's realizing when the universe provides for me, opportunities to live my dreams, and to flow ever so smoothly, like a river's stream." The song goes on to add, "I don't want this world to keep breakin' each other's hearts, I say we stop staring at our feet, we'll find our answers in the stars, and maybe I'm not dreaming, maybe I'm the voice of reason, so please, don't wake me if I'm dreaming."

So, if you have not stumbled upon Dizzy From Dreaming's music, you may want to find your way to his Youtube Channel right away. With what I have personally seen from Phil already, it just makes me even more stoked to continue to follow his career.

While you find your way to the Dizzy From Dreaming Youtube Channel, definitely catch a listen to this week's 'Song of the Week', Dizzy Dreamer. Phil's Youtube recording of the song can be found on his channel, here:

See you next Sunday for another addition to the 'Song of the Week' list. Until then, of course, please check out Dizzy From Dreaming and discover just what Phil has been up to.

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Picture 1: Phil Mihaly
Picture 2: Phil Mihaly



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