Featured: August 18-August 24 2013 - Wild Son - Don't Follow Me

It is August 18th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

From Kelowna, British Columbia, Kieran McCaffrey (vocals / guitar), Mitch Howanyk (violin), Aaron DeSilva (bass / backing vocals) and Cam Wilks (drums / backing vocals) are the four young men snagging this week's 'Song of the Week' spot for their tune, Don't Follow Me.

Kieran, Mitch, Aaron and Cam, better known as Wild Son, blend a very unique mix of folk, rock, electric, acoustic and so on, or as they describe it, "funky fresh folk rock". But, no matter how many genres may influence their sound, they have managed to find the perfect blend, creating phenomenally catchy and well put together tunes. And, of course, their song Don't Follow Me, which can be found on their Franklyn Road EP, released January 18th 2013, is earning this week's 'Song of the Week' spot because of that.

"The band was born as a two piece acoustic/percussion group two years ago in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Since migrating west, there have been two new members join. Wild Son is now composed of various musical personalities. This includes the funkiest drummer/bassist combination throwing down the freshest grooves, locked in with a high energy violinist/fiddler that you will never forget, with a catchy singer/songwriter identity. The moment these four musicians collaborated they knew they were meant to write and perform music together. From a mellow, sit down acoustic style to a high energy, dance til' you drop feeling, Wild Son has an ear to please a crowd on any occasion."

Just two nights ago I was able to catch Wild Son live, in Kitchener, Ontario. And, let me just say, this band certainly has one of the best, most put together and professional live performance I have ever seen from any unsigned band. Plus, the guys are definitely well rehearsed and the element of the live violin just takes their performance to the next level. As well, each member brings forth a unique and memorable stage presence, making you want to listen all night long.

It is definitely evident that these four young men are seriously talented. And, when you catch a glimpse of their musical histories, on the band's Facebook page, you will understand why.

The guys gave some insight into their lives, adding, "Kieran McCaffrey (vocals / guitar) has been involved in the music scene from a very young age. While traveling in bands, and as a solo acoustic artist, Kieran has always been sure to continue producing fresh material to further define his sound. Mitch Howanyk (violin) has performed throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Japan (World Expo) since the age of ten. He has collaborated with artists and mentors of many genres through competition, workshops and tours, all while attending Brandon University for Performance Violin. Mitch's ambition as a musician is to see the potential in all genres, while honing his own personal sound. Aaron DeSilva's (bass / backing vocals) music career began at age seventeen in Kitchener, Ontario. With influences from such genres as hip hop, DnB and reggae, Aaron has performed and recorded with several musical groups across Canada and in Bermuda. He now offers a funky flavour as the bassist in Wild Son. Cam Wilks (drums / backing vocals) is a drummer/music educator born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was first influenced by Blink-182, The Doors and Rage Against The Machine. After beginning to study jazz at age fifteen, his ear for rhythm really started to develop. Cam has since achieved his Bachelor Of Music Performance in jazz from Brandon University. Through his focused approach to all forms, Cam brings a particularly unique style to the drums."

So, I believe I have proven my point as to why these guys deserve this week's 'Song of the Week' spot. Every song I have yet to hear from them is just perfect and it is clear, with everything they release, that these guys know what they are doing. And, because of that, Don't Follow Me deserves this week's featured spot.

I highly, highly recommend that you catch Wild Son live as soon as they play a city near you. But, while you wait for that, definitely check out their video for Don't Follow Me, this week's 'Song of the Week', here:

See you next Sunday for another artist or band to earn Basement Entertainment's 'Song of the Week' featured spot on our official website. But, in the meantime, please check out Wild Son, their incredible EP and their unforgettable, unique tunes. I can guarantee you, once you start listening you will not be able to hit pause.

Wild Son Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Aaron DeSilva (bass / backing vocals), Kieran McCaffrey (vocals / guitar), Mitch Howanyk (violin) & Cam Wilks (drums / backing vocals)
Picture 2: Wild Son - Franklyn Road EP Cover



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