Featured: July 28-August 3 2013 - RadioDriveBy - Go All Night

It is July 28th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

The band picking up this week's 'Song of the Week' spot comes to you from Tempe, Arizona. And, let's just say these five young men have some serious talent...

I discovered RadioDriveBy in mid June 2013 while I was sifting through suggestions and tweets on Twitter. But, quite honestly, I wish I would have discovered this band a lot sooner than then.

Trent Clark (vocals), Adam Simons (guitar), David Glosser (guitar), Evan Yuen (bass) and Austin Gavin (drums) are the five young men responsible for RadioDriveBy. And, to be frank, since forming in 2009 the band have earned themselves [just over] eleven thousand 'likes' on Facebook, over sixty four thousand followers on Twitter, just under one hundred thousand views on Youtube and, well, I think you get my point. These guys are good.

The band produces an alternative/pop/punk style with their music. Each song they have released definitely has that catchy factor going for it. And, that undeniably goes for their newest single, Go All Night, which is earning the title of this week's 'Song of the Week'.

Trent Clark's superb vocals, as well as the overall addicting beat to the song, and, of course, catchy lyrics, make this song an instant hit. Plus, it looks as though their fans are saying the same thing.

Since Go All Night was released on the band's iTunes page, on June 25th 2013, it has been racking up the views, as well as the comments. Some fans have reviewed the song by saying, "These guys are always so amazing, I've never heard a bad song by them and probably never will!", "Great song to listen to with the windows down." and "Definitely going to be blasting this all summer! It's such a good summer song! Can't wait for even more new tunes from RDB!"

So, it is extremely clear RadioDriveBy's future is very, very bright. With their latest single catching this band even more attention, it is just a matter of time before they take over the music scene.

RadioDriveBy will be hitting the stage on August 25th 2013 in Manila, Philippines with All Time Low and A Rocket To The Moon at the Bazooka Rocks II Festival. But, in case you will not be out that way, the band posted a lyric video of this week's featured 'Song of the Week', Go All Night, on their Youtube Channel, here:

See you next Sunday for another 'Song of the Week' to go up. Before then, definitely purchase Go All Night on iTunes, open your windows and, well, see what you are missing. RadioDriveBy are certainly worth checking out, very soon.

RadioDriveBy Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Evan Yuen (bass), Adam Simons (guitar), Trent Clark (vocals), David Glosser (guitar) & Austin Gavin (drums)
Picture 2: RadioDriveBy - Go All Night Single Cover



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