Featured: July 14-July 20 2013 - Next To Nothing - My Time

It is July 14th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

This week's featured band was one that I discovered just a few months ago on good old Facebook. But, the one thing that sucked me in instantly was this [pop/punk] band's serious talent.

From Smithsburg, Maryland, an almost eight hour drive from where this article is being composed, lives Keller Nigh (vocals / guitar), Aaron Mong (guitar / backing vocals), Sean Scott (bass) and Jesse White (drums). Also better known as Next To Nothing.

"Next To Nothing has a vast musical background, including concert band, marching band, jazz band, show choir and orchestra. After being extremely involved with music for the majority of their lives, starting Next To Nothing, in the summer of 2011, was the perfect opportunity for the band to combine their talents in music. The band has had the opportunity to play shows with a few very well known bands, including Rocky Loves Emily, from Tooth And Nail Records, Phone Calls From Home and Taylor Thrash."

With consistently positive reviews and comments, this band is earning this week's 'Song of the Week' spot with their original song, My Time.

My Time can be found as the eighth track on their latest accom
plishment, their full length album titled Brutally Honest, which was recorded with I, The Breather's former guitarist, Jered Youngbar. Released to iTunes on July 29th 2012, Brutally Honest has certainly been putting this band on the map. Fans seriously cannot get enough of these guys.

On iTunes alone they have earned some incredible customers reviews, such as "Your album is awesome to say the least! Everyone should download this!!!" and "This band is amazing. When I saw their ages I was blown away. These guys are the next super stars.", among a few others.

"The band continues to work hard and perfect their sound. They hope to take their music to the next level and reach out to the world. Each member hopes to use music on a global scale and make a difference in millions of people's lives. The band has used music throughout their lives to deal with struggles and they hope to provide that getaway for others around the world. With high hopes for a life full of writing, touring, performing and recording, the band continues to push forward and make music not only their career, but their life." And, their song My Time is earning this week's 'Song of the Week' spot because of that.

If you have not purchased Next To Nothing's album, Brutally Honest, just yet, make sure you check out My Time, this week's 'Song of the Week' on their Bandcamp page, here:

See you next Sunday for [yet another] brand new 'Song of the Week' article to be posted. But, while you wait for that, check out Next To Nothing's social media websites and keep up to date with this band. They are sure to go far.

Next To Nothing Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Aaron Mong (guitar / backing vocals), Jesse White (drums), Sean Scott (bass), Keller Nigh (vocals / guitar) & Andrew Lewis (guitar)
Picture 2: Next To Nothing - Brutally Honest CD Cover



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