Featured: June 16-June 22 2013 - Wings To Save - Cole's Song

It is June 16th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

From Lebanon, Pennsylvania, the band taking home this week's featured spot is one I discovered on Twitter [just] a few days ago. And, their catchy music, lyrics and immense passion caught my attention right away.

Tighe Eshleman (vocals), Ben Buffington (guitar / backing vocals), Caleb Leaman (guitar), Laurel Balogh (bass / backing vocals) and Adam Zabetakis (drums), better known as Wings To Save, are the ones getting this week's 'Song of the Week' spot. And, although all of their posted tunes are catchy and make you want to hear more, their song Cole's Song is the one getting the attention this week.

Forming in mid 2012, Wings To Save have been working hard since day one. After releasing Cole's Song, this week's 'Song of the Week', back on August 21st 2012, fans loved what they heard. So, four months later, they decided to release their first EP, titled Sink In. Sink In, released on December 25th 2012 on their Bandcamp page, is complete with five original songs, all of which [once again] struck a chord with their fans.

Now, just over a year after forming and Wings To Save have compiled just over one thousand 'likes' on their band Facebook page. And, they have racked up just under four thousand views on their official Youtube Channel.

The song being recognized as this week's 'Song of the Week', titled Cole's Song, is a song that everyone needs to hear. It was released in August of 2012 as the band's first single and, well, it definitely caught my attention when I went on the search for this band's music on Youtube.

The song is complete with relatable and inspirational lyrics, with the chorus itself saying, "It's in the way that you move , It's in the way that you moved me , I can't begin to believe this has happened to you , I can't believe this is happening..."

Although I have yet to discover who the song is about, it is stated on Wings To Save's Bandcamp page that all of the proceeds of the song are being donated to benefit THON, The Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon's one year fundraising campaign to help in the fight against pediatric cancer.

So, Wings To Save is certainly a band you will want to add to your list right away. With their catchy alternative sound, and very relatable lyrics, Wings To Save surely have a great journey ahead of them. And, I cannot wait to hear more.

In late January of 2012 Wings To Save released an official music video for this week's 'Song of the Week', Cole's Song. So, if you have yet to catch the video make sure you take a peak, here:

See you next Sunday for the next 'Song of the Week' to be announced. But, over the next seven days definitely check out Wings To Save and see just what this Lebanon, Pennsylvania alternative band has to offer.

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Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Adam Zabetakis (drums), Caleb Leaman (guitar), Tighe Eshleman (vocals), Laurel Balogh (bass / backing vocals) & Ben Buffington (guitar / backing vocals)
Picture 2: Wings To Save - Sink In EP Cover



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