Featured: May 19-May 25 2013 - Elessar Thiessen - When The World Ends

lt is May 19th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

"Elessar Thiessen grew up in a very musical family. His grandparents sang, his uncles played guitar and his dad, in his younger days, played the cello. At a very young age, Elessar grew interest in his families musical skill and decided he wanted to try it out himself. He bought his first guitar when he was 8 years old from a local pawn shop for $50."

I first met Elessar Thiessen [just] two months ago when Basement Entertainment booked Take Me To The Pilot in Waterloo, Ontario. Elessar, friends with the band, came along for the tour and approached me prior to the event asking if he could play a quick set during doors. Little did I know the talent this young man had...

The moment his mouth opened I, along with the rest of the crowd that was loading in, was in shock. Elessar's acoustic tunes, that have a jazz and soul influence, struck a note with everyone. And, by the end of his quick set everyone wanted to know who he was.

So, who is Elessar Thiessen exactly? From Winnipeg, Manitoba, this [soon to be] twenty one year old has been taking the music scene by storm since he was a teenager. When he was fourteen, Elessar played guitar in a pop/rock band. He was then lead vocalist of the band Method when he was eighteen. "He went on to
ur with Method across Canada, but after their last CD release tour, the band decided to part and move onto something different. Elessar decided to go back to his acoustic guitar and start writing some new tunes." I will also add that this young man even quit his full time job in May of 2012 to pursue his music full time.

Just two days ago, on May 17th 2013, Elessar released his newest Youtube video of his song When The World Ends. And, well, the moment I heard it I knew it was this week's 'Song of the Week'.

Each song this young man creates is something unique and it always leaves you wanting to find even more of his tunes. So, I was excited when Elessar announced that he is currently finishing up work on his upcoming album.

Elessar is definitely a very humble and talented young man. His music deserves to be heard by everyone and that is why I am thrilled to make his original tune, When The World Ends, this week's 'Song of the Week' featured song.

"His heart is driven to perform and to create a uniquely honest sound that sparks interest into the ears of listeners."

If you have not logged on to Youtube to see Elessar's latest tune, definitely make sure you do. You can check out the newest [live] version of this week's 'Song of the Week', When The World Ends, here:

See you next Sunday for a brand new 'Song of the Week'. Until then, seriously check out and 'like' Elessar Thiessen and make sure you keep your eyes glued to his Facebook page for updates on his upcoming album.

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