Featured: March 10-March 16 2013 - Artists Against - True Colors

It is March 10th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

The song being featured this week is a little different than those we usually feature. However, the song is one that everyone, everywhere, needs to hear.

Artists Against (also known as Artists Against Bullying) is a group of seven Canadian musicians who came together to bring awareness about a very familiar topic, bullying. In mid 2012 Alyssa Reid, Fefe Dobson, Jacob Hoggard (Hedley), Kardinal Offishall, Lights, Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) and Walk Off The Earth came together and recorded Cyndi Lauper's 1986 hit single, True Colours. And, this week, Artists Against's version of True Colours is being recognized as our 'Song of the Week'.

The newest version of True Colours was released on November 15th 2012 to the official Kids Help Phone Youtube Channel during the national Bullying Awareness Week. All of the proceeds for the song are being donated to Kids Help Phone, a Canadian phone and online counselling service for children and youth.

Bullying has certainly become a popular topic to anyone. And, it seems as times goes on the numbers keep rising. According to StopABully.ca, a Canadian bullying statistic website, every one in seven Canadian children,
aged eleven to sixteen, are victims of bullying. Infact, every seven minutes somewhere in Canada a child is bullied on a playground and every twenty five minutes a child is bullied within a classroom. Those numbers are staggering. Plus, adults who are bullied as children are more likely to suffer from depression when they reach adulthood.

When Alyssa Reid, Fefe Dobson, Jacob Hoggard (Hedley), Kardinal Offishall, Lights, Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan) and Walk Off The Earth joined together to create True Colours they wanted to bring awareness to this popular topic. And, with their official music video, as well as the PSA they created, it will hopefully help further awareness with every new person who watches.

So, definitely make sure you check out Artists Against's version of True Colours. The song is beautifully performed and phenomenally executed and I hope that the song will raise even more awareness about this growing world-wide topic that effects a lot of Canadians every single day.

If you have yet to catch the official music video that Artists Against recorded for this week's 'Song of the Week', True Colours, be sure to check it out right away. The video, as well as the short PSA, can be found on the Kids Help Phone Youtube Channel, here:

See you next Sunday for another addition of our 'Song of the Week' featured to be added. While you wait, make sure you check out Artists Against and get involved in their mission.

Artists Against Links:

Photo credit: Google

Picture 1: From left to right: Fefe Dobson, Alyssa Reid, Lights, Kardinal Offishall, Pierre Bouvier (Simple Plan), Mike Taylor (Walk Off The Earth), Jacob Hoggard (Hedley) & Gianni Luminati, Sarah Blackwood & Ryan Marshall (Walk Off The Earth)
Picture 2: Artists Against - True Colours Single Cover



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