Featured: February 3-February 9 2013 - Brandon Lehti - Let Me Leave

It is February 3rd 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

Coming to you this week is a song from one of my favourite Canadian voices. Although you may not know of Brandon Lehti thus far, his previous band, The Latency, is one that might ring a bell. And, this twenty three year old can definitely sing.

In 2006 Brandon Lehti, alongside his friends Ryan Stead, Mathew Gendron and Jonny Wiebe formed the Maple Ridge, British Columbia pop/rock band, The Latency. Not too long after, the band met with Hedley's bassist, Tommy Mac. Tommy then produced The Latency's first full length album, which was later released in 2009, as well as managed the band.

In July of 2008 the four released their first EP, titled CHOMP!!. The EP was a success and their fan base began to steadily rise. And, yes, that is the time I discovered the band and became an instant fan.

Within the rest of 2008 The Latency toured with acts such as Hedley, State Of Shock, Shiloh, Faber Drive, Ten Second Epic and, of course, Marianas Trench, which is actually who I saw them with live in mid 2009. The band also signed with Maple Music Recordings and eventually released their full length album, self-titled The Latency, in September of 2009. And, to top it off, eighty five percent of Canadian stores were sold out of their full length album within the first week of it being released.

The Latency ended up gaining the attention of Muchmusic, among many others. In addition, the band attracted well over eleven thousand 'likes' on Facebook before disbanding in December of 2011.

Like most fans it honestly broke my heart when the guys announced, on December 4th 2011, that they had decided to part ways. But, I was excited to hear that lead vocalist Brandon Lehti was not done with music.

On December 29th 2012 Brandon released his first, solo, EP. Titled Heartbreak Getaway, it contains six insanely well written songs that will leave you wanting to hear more. And, of course, it is amazing to finally hear his incredible voice again.

So, this week Brandon Lehti's song, Let Me Leave, is being recognized. As I have stated, Brandon is seriously one talented young man and his voice is one that everyone needs to hear.

I could not be more excited as Brandon's solo career unfolds. And, I am excited to award Let Me Leave, from his solo EP Heartbreak Getaway, with this week's 'Song of the Week' spot.

You will definitely want to check out Brandon Lehti's EP if you have not already. The entire Heartbreak Getaway EP can be found on Brandon's Bandcamp page, here:

See you next Sunday for another 'Song of the Week' to be uploaded. But, make sure you spend the rest of this week catching up with [both] The Latency and Brandon Lehti. Plus, stay tuned for what Brandon will be releasing as this year progresses.

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