Featured: January 13-January 19 2013 - Cloud Nine - Over & Out

It is January 13th 2013 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

Coming to you from Airdrie, Alberta, Cloud Nine, and their song Over & Out, are getting this week's 'Song of the Week' spot.

You may not have heard of Cloud Nine just yet. However, you may know of the pop/punk band that this duo are also a part of.

Eli Budwill (vocals) and Chad McMonagle (guitar / backing vocals) are also in the very successful, and growing, band called Run Romeo Run. And, if you follow Basement Entertainment at all you will know just how much we are in love with these two.

After discovering Run Romeo Run through Facebook, and following their steadily growing careers over the past year, I was beyond excited when Chad McMonagle informed me of his newest project. Together, Chad and Eli create a unique pop/rock style sound, that is also very addicting might I add.

The song being featured this week, Over & Out, which was produced by Hey Bombshell's guitarist Colton Peters, is Cloud Nine's first official single. It was released for fans to hear on January 1st 2013. Alongside the song, the duo released a studio music video for it on Youtube. And, the video has been out for only thirteen days, yet it has accumulated over four hundred views and all positive reviews.

Each of the members of Cloud Nine have some extreme talent. On
the duo's Facebook page it explains each members story, starting with guitarist Chad, stating, "Chad McMonagle first became heavily involved in the Calgary music scene at the age of thirteen. By fourteen he joined Run Romeo Run and began touring western Canada and at fifteen composed his first pop/punk single, titled Lockdown. He travelled to Toronto for the 2012 Canadian Music Week to showcase with his band at age sixteen. Chad has the talent and the knowledge to have a promising future in the international music scene. His ability to compose, write and perform will have fans and the music industry talking about him for years to come."

Alongside Chad, the band share Eli's story, posting, "Eli Budwill has experience in performing all kinds of music. The years he spent at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York gave him knowledge and experience in performing. Eli went on to star in the hit musical Bye Bye Birdy, landing the lead role of Conrad Birdy. After his tour across Canada and the United States he went on to star in the world famous musical Oklahoma before joining Run Romeo Run as lead singer."

So, I think it is pretty fair to say you will definitely be seeing a lot of Cloud Nine throughout 2013. With their insanely catchy music, and overall extreme talent, these two may just take over the music scene. Plus, Cloud Nine is also the Basement Entertainment 'Band of the Month' for January 2013.

If you have not heard Cloud Nine's addicting song, Over & Out, yet, make sure you catch the studio music video for this week's 'Song of the Week', which can be seen here:

See you next Sunday for another 'Song of the Week' to be posted. For now, please check out Cloud Nine and watch Over & Out. But, do not blame Basement Entertainment when you wake up singing their music too...

Cloud Nine Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Chad McMonagle (guitar / backing vocals) & Eli Budwill (vocals)
Picture 2: Cloud Nine - Over & Out Single Cover



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