Featured: November 18-November 24 2012 - Andrew Bloy - Easy Mark

It is November 18th 2012 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

The young man getting featured this week is somewhat different than anyone else who has been featured. Infact, his story is somewhat unique.

Andrew Bloy, originally from Inverness, Scotland, is the one getting this week's 'Song of the Week' spot for his song Easy Mark. And, he and his song are receiving the spot for many reasons.

It is hard to know where to begin with this young man. Like many of the artists and bands I work with, I discovered Andrew after he replied to a post on Basement Entertainment's Facebook page in late March of 2012. And, I first booked him this past May of 2012 when he played a fundraiser event I hosted for the Lindsay, Ontario project SayWeCanFly.

Andrew Bloy is one of those guys who shocked me from day one...in a good way, of course. He certainly does not lie when he says "he's here to blow your mind" on his Facebook page.

He combines rock/alternative with acoustic to create a seriously unique and memorable sound. Plus, Andrew is one of those guys you always want to be around in person. With his fun and [always] upbeat personality, I will definitely miss him as he moves to Australia at the end of November 2012 for a couple of months.

Andrew recently added a Facebook page for his music. On it you can find his biography stating, "Born in Scotland and living his life around the world (South Africa, England, Spain) before settling in Canada (for the time being), Andrew decided that since he can't play sports and is disinterested in cars...he needed to play guitar. Nearly overdosing on Oasis, Brand New, Thrice, Coheed And Cambria, Manchester Orchestra, The Smiths and countless others, he's here to blow your mind."

So, considering Basement Entertainment has booked this young man three times since May 2012, it proves he is one to look up. And, although he will only be gone for a few months, I will certainly miss the opportunity to book him while he is away.

Andrew Bloy's music is something you will want to check out immediately. All of his original songs are amazing, but Easy Mark has definitely been stuck in my head since the beginning. Plus, I advise you to see this young man live as his voice, presence and skills are phenomenal. And, that is why Easy Mark is this week's 'Song of the Week'.

While you are on the internet already, why not search for Andrew's music on Youtube as well. Infact, you can catch this week's 'Song of the Week', Easy Mark, on Andrew's Youtube Channel here:

See you, once again, next Sunday for a new addition of the 'Song of the Week'. Until that time rolls around, Facebook Andrew Bloy and get ready for what this young man has to come.

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Photo credit: Jim Blackwell

Picture 1: Andrew Bloy



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