Featured: September 16-September 22 2012 - For One More Day - By Your Side

It is September 16th 2012 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

This week's featured song is from a band I just discovered a couple of months ago. And, although they only have a few songs up this early on in their careers, I am definitely in love with their music so far.

I discovered For One More Day after a promoter of the band contacted me regarding them in May of 2012. So, of course, I ended up checking out the band and I instantly fell in love with the songs available on their Facebook page.

Although they are young, Tanner Forbes (vocals), Jordan Rumrill (guitar / backing vocals), Matt Aaron (guitar), Jeremy Richardson (bass / backing vocals) and Chase Myles (drums) definitely show talent. And, it is just that that will take this Calgary, Alberta band far. Also, considering this band just started in January of 2012 proves this even more. So, that is why their song By Your Side is this week's 'Song of the Week'.

This band released their first official single, By Your Side, to iTunes on June 14th 2012. At three minutes and eight seconds, it is definitely a tune you need t
o check out. With the unique and catchy quality they bring to their pop/punk/rock style music, it is no wonder this band is catching the attention of fans everywhere.

Although they may only have slightly over seven hundred 'likes' on Facebook, that number will certainly grow as they continue to release material.

On top of that, the guys are incredibly nice to talk to. They also seem to have a great sense of humour, posting, "Our single By Your Side just came out on iTunes. Pick it up if you have the time, or you parent's credit card." on their Twitter account.

So, definitely check out For One More Day and watch this band continue to grow. Their current releases are amazing and I am excited to see what they release next. And, that is why their song By Your Side is getting this week's 'Song of the Week' spot.

Be sure to pick up By Your Side on iTunes now. You can also check out a teaser for the song For One More Day released on their Youtube Channel, which can be heard here:

See you next Sunday for our newest 'Song of the Week' feature. For now, give For One More Day a listen and watch this band continue to grow.

For One More Day Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Jordan Rumrill (guitar / backing vocals), Jeremy Richardson (bass / backing vocals), Tanner Forbes (vocals) & Chase Myles (drums)
Picture 2: For One More Day - By Your Side Single Cover



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