Featured: July 8-July 14 2012 - Fairview - Walking In Circles

It is July 8th 2012 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

The song being featured this week is courtesy of an incredible band I discovered not that long ago. Originally from Brockville, Ontario, Fairview has proven their talent over the past few years amongst the local music scene.

Just finishing a tour [last night] across parts of Ontario, with the Winnipeg, Manitoba band Take Me To The Pilot, Fairview is quickly growing in popularity.

To be honest I cannot even remember what made me come across Fairview's Facebook page, or how I even heard their name for the first time. Like a lot of amazing bands, their name was one that everyone seemed to talk about. And, that is probably how I discovered them a couple of months ago.

These days there are millions of bands all over the world trying to stand out in [already] over populated genres. And, it takes an incredible vision and a dedicated group of musicians to succeed and stand alone in the scene. But, beyond all that, Fairview is one that stands out. And, that is why their song Walking In Circles is this week's 'Song of the Week'.

l had the great honour to book Fairview (and their tour partner, Take Me To The Pilot) for their Waterloo, Ontario stop on their [finishing] tour. And, I can guarantee you one thing, when you meet Jordan Smith (vocals / guitar), Mikey Couture (guitar), Steven Kiefer (bass) and Brendan Kennedy (drums) they instantly feel like your brothers.

Above everything else, these guys can definitely write a catchy song. And, I will admit, I am in love with vocalist Jordan Smith's incredible and unique voice.

It is no surprise I discovered this pop/rock band and I hope that many more discover Fairview incredibly soon. This band is definitely going somewhere in the music scene and I am excited to watch their careers continue to unfold. And, that is why their song Walking In Circles is the 'Song of the Week' for this week.

So, make sure you catch Fairview whenever they play a city near you and stay tuned as this band prepares to write their next release very soon.

Be sure to check out an acoustic version of Walking In Circles, performed after our interview with the guys in July of 2012, on Basement Entertainment's Youtube Channel, here:

See you next Sunday when we award another artist or band by crowning their song 'Song of the Week'. Until then, make sure you download Fairview's EP, titled Lost In Translation, available on their Bandcamp page.

Fairview Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Steven Kiefer (bass), Jordan Smith (vocals / guitar) & Brendan Kennedy (drums)
Picture 2: Fairview - Lost In Translation EP Cover



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