Featured: June 17-June 23 2012 - Take Me To The Pilot - Right Now

It is June 17th 2012 which means it is time to announce the next 'Song of the Week'.

The featured song this week is from a very talented band that resides nearly two thousand kilometres away.

From Winnipeg, Manitoba, the band taking the spot this week is Take Me To The Pilot. This absolutely incredible band just released their second EP this past Friday, June 15th 2012 on iTunes. Titled What Makes You, their newest release is filled with seven amazing songs. And, the sixth track on the EP, Right Now, is this week's 'Song of the Week'.

If you do not know Take Me To The Pilot already, I am quite sure everyone will know their name very soon. This band is truly showing the music scene that if you work hard and are passionate, your dreams can really come true.

All four members, Mike Bilenki (vocals / guitar),
Eric Grabowecky (guitar), Adam Brown (bass / backing vocals) and Jonathan James (drums), are literally oozing with talent. And, it is no doubt that when you put the four together something beyond amazing will happen from it, that being Take Me To The Pilot.

I actually discovered this band back in early February 2012 when they filled in for another band I was going to see that was not able to make it. Although I had not heard of them prior, by the end of the night I was addicted. Their true and inspirational lyrics, mixed with their unforgettable backing tunes, is something that will suck anyone in who gives it a listen.

The guys released their first [self-titled] EP back in 2010 on iTunes. Complete with five impeccable songs, the EP helped build the band's [already expanding] fan base. And, this band is now nearing five thousand 'likes' on Facebook.

With the release of their newest EP comes an EP release tour. Touring alongside Fairview, Take Me To The Pilot will be hitting the road this summer across parts of Ontario. So, be sure to pick up their newest EP and check out the 'Song of the Week', Right Now. Also, make sure you pick up tickets for a show near you because this is one band you have to see live.

You can also check out an acoustic version of Right Now, from March 2012 when the guys were at Basement Entertainment, on our Youtube Channel, here:

Check back next Sunday when we announce the newest 'Song of the Week'. Before then, pick up What Makes You on iTunes and stay tuned for a new music video coming soon from Take Me To The Pilot.

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Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Adam Brown (bass / backing vocals), Mike Bilenki (vocals / guitar), Jonathan James (drums) & Eric Grabowecky (guitar)
Picture 2: Take Me To The Pilot - What Makes You EP Cover



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