Featured: May 27-June 2 2012 - Letters And Lights - Missing You

It is May 27th 2012 which means it is time to announce the 'Song of the Week' for the last week in May.

This time the featured musician is a very talented young guy by the name of Erik Knudsen and his project, Letters And Lights.

Originally from Seattle, Washington, Erik is truly a multi-talented musician. On the Letters And Lights Facebook page, with over twelve thousand fans, it states that, alongside songwriting and producing, he provides all other instruments heard throughout his songs, including the "vocals, guitar, bass, drums" and more.

This acoustic/pop/rock project has definitely been one my favourites for quite some time now. I first ran across Letters And Lights on Youtube after I discovered the lyric video for his song Clouds. And, once I listened to it, I was instantly hooked. From this, we are pleased to announce that Letters And Lights' song Missing You, from the Clouds EP, is the 'Song of the Week' this week.

Letters And Lights' sound is not only 'refreshin
g', but it also has that way-too-catchy quality to it, which I absolutely love. Erik's lyrics are also real and true, giving his fans very relatable tunes in return.

Erik released Letters And Lights' first EP, titled Pretty Letdown, back on July 26th 2009. Full of six songs, the EP received nothing but top ratings all over iTunes. Fans even wrote reviews saying things like, "Buy, buy, buy!"

On January 20th 2012 the newest EP, Clouds, was released. Again, filled with six absolutely phenomenal songs it [also] received five star ratings on iTunes. Fans, once again, wrote notes like, "Everything about it fits together perfectly."

On top of the amazing EPs that have been released, Erik has also been releasing some cover videos on the Letters And Lights Youtube Channel. He has done some incredible covers, including a cover of Justin Bieber's newest single, Boyfriend, which is already nearing thirty thousand views. He also released a cover of Maroon 5's song Payphone, which is also steadily increasing in views, with over seventeen thousand already.

Although I do not know much about the actual story behind Letters And Lights, I hope you will definitely check out Erik's project. I can assure you it is nothing but incredible tunes, all of which deserve to be heard. It is evident Erik's passion is in his music and he is definitely one worth following. I am so excited to follow his career and see where it takes him. And, that is why we are happy to give his song, Missing You, the 'Song of the Week' title.

So, check out the Letters And Lights Youtube Channel and while you are there check out the 'Song of the Week', Missing You, here:

See you next Sunday when we announce which song will be 'Song of the Week' for the first week in June. Furthermore, watch out for this talented man and be sure to purchase his EPs on iTunes right away.

Letters And Lights Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: Erik Knudsen
Picture 2: Letters And Lights - Clouds EP Cover



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