Featured: May 13-May 19 2012 - The Heights - Mariposa Belle

It is May 13th 2012 which means it is time to award the next 'Song of the Week' to a deserving artist or band.

This week the featured song is being awarded to a fairly local band.

From Toronto, Ontario, The Heights just released their newest EP titled Bonacres on April 24th 2012.

This rock/country/pop style band definitely has a unique sound when it comes to their music. Their almost 'refreshing' style, accompanied with their beautiful lyrics, is certainly going to take this band far.

Originally starting in 2011 as vocalist Gavin Sutton's solo project, The Heights ended up turning into something more. Gavin's initial plans where to record a solo EP, however he ended up forming the band with his childhood friend Nick Dooley. And, as they say, the rest is history.

On their Facebook band page it states, "The Story is simple, really. A bunch of kids with a love for music come together to play some honest tunes. The Heights is an accumulation of almost a decade of the musical equivalent of the pursuit of happiness, because that is what playing music should be all about. If there is one thing The Heights pride themselves on, it is honesty, and in a world where the artificial is becoming the norm, honesty is what the people have been calling for."

So, with the talent that Gavin Sutton (vocals / guitar), Nick Dooley (guitar), Colin Jacques (bass) and Mike Witzel (drums) bring into the scene we are excited to announce that their song Mariposa Belle, off their newest EP, is the 'Song of the Week' this week.

Their unique style and sound continually makes them stand out in the crowded music industry these days. And, with five incredible songs on their newest EP we are excited to give their song Mariposa Belle this weeks featured spot.

When asked about the EP title itself vocalist Gavin Sutton said, "Bonacres is the street I grew up on. It's the street where I met my best friends (including Nick Dooley) and it's where my life began. It's also where I shaped who I would be."

So, definitely make sure you check out The Heights and spread the word of this talented band. The Heights recently played a Basement Entertainment show so we are proud to not only award them with 'Song of the Week', but we are excited to tell fans to check them out. These four are definitely going somewhere and we are stoked to be able to watch them.

Be sure to get your copy of Mariposa Belle, and the rest of their Bonacres EP, on iTunes now. You can also check out Mariposa Belle on their Youtube Channel, here:

So, check back next Sunday when we announce the next 'Song of the Week'. For now, purchase Bonacres and enjoy.

The Heights Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Mike Witzel (drums), Nick Dooley (guitar), Gavin Sutton (vocals / guitar) & Colin Jacques (bass)
Picture 2: The Heights - Bonacres EP Cover



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