Featured: April 29-May 5 2012 - Run Romeo Run - Jezebel

It is April 29th 2012 which means it is time to announce our very first 'Song of the Week'.

The first song to be named 'Song of the Week' comes to you from over three thousand three hundred kilometres away in Airdrie, Alberta.

Since discovering this pop/punk band back in early September of 2011, they have done nothing but impress me.

Eli Budwill (vocals), Chad McMonagle (guitar), Chris Doi (guitar), Aaron Vaiasicca (bass) and Adam Goring (drums), better known as Run Romeo Run, are the five to thank for this week's 'Song of the Week'.

From the very beginning this band has shown nothing but dedication and true talent. From that, I am proud to announce that their song Jezebel is the first 'Song of the Week' for April 29th 2012 to May 5th 2012.

I first discovered this incredible band through their lead guitarist, Chad McMonagle. Nearly two months after connecting with him on Facebook this band was named the November 2011 'Band of the Month' on our official website.

Their fan base is constantly growing. And, a little less than six months ago, when I wrote the 'Band of the Month' article, they had close to one thousand six hundred 'likes' on Facebook. Now, they have over two thousand, proving this band is constantly blowing people away with their talent.

So, I am proud to say that Run Romeo Run has taken the first spot for 'Song of the Week'. Jezebel is a beautifully constructed song that will make you hit replay more than once, trust me…

Also, the boys just recorded an acoustic version of Jezebel, which can be seen on their official Youtube Channel, here:

So, be sure to check back next Sunday when we announce the next 'Song of the Week'. In the meantime, make sure you check out Run Romeo Run and be prepared to be sucked in. Once you listen to them, you will never be able to click close on your internet browser…believe me.

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