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Charlotte Eriksson, known as The Glass Child, is the young woman who left everything she had, at only eighteen years old, to dedicate her entire life to her music.

Charlotte moved from Sweden to the United Kingdom, and, a year later, she has already started her very own record label, Broken Glass Records, produced and released her debut EP, played all over the United Kingdom and had one single reach number two on the Swedish iTunes chart. Plus, she is preparing to release her second EP, titled This Is How Ghosts Are Made, next month.

Charlotte is writing all the music, recording and producing everything on her own, but states the importance of her live band, adding, "My music is all I really have, so to let other people in with that is really scary. I have tried to co-write and work with producers, but I always end up doing everything myself anyway. Music is the only thing I am completely sure about, and, I think I need all the different parts to be able to express myself, all the way from writing, producing and then playing live."

She also went on to say, "All of my songs are about real experiences and things that I have been through or that I am thinking about. That is the whole reason to why I write music in the first place, to deal with my messy head. The music and the sound just sort of happens. I do not think about the genre or the sound when I write, it just comes naturally with the emotion I need to get out."

Charlotte just recently went to America and played her first American event in New York. As well, this past September of 2011, she released a single for the Swedish non-profit cancer organization, Ung Cancer. The song exploded and reached number two on the Swedish iTunes chart, and, in December of 2011 she will be releasing her second EP, This Is How Ghosts Are Made.

Her highly anticipated second EP will definitely be something you will not want to miss. Charlotte says, "My first EP will always reflect who I was up until I moved to the United Kingdom. But, I have learned so much this year, not only as a songwriter and musician, but as a person."

As an independent artist with her own record label she knows how important it is to work hard. So, of course this talented young woman already has plans for the new year, stating, "I am releasing This Is How Ghosts Are Made next month and will hopefully be on tour for it quite a lot next year. I have also begun the recording for my first full length album that I want to release at the end of 2012. Other than that I just want to connect with people who can relate to my music and find myself within the songs."

Charlotte Eriksson is currently providing her first The Glass Child EP to her fans for free on her official website right now. So, be sure to pick up a copy of her first EP and give it a listen as we all prepare for the release of This Is How Ghosts Are Made, due out next month.

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Picture 1: Charlotte Eriksson
Picture 2: The Glass Child - This Is How Ghosts Are Made EP Cover



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