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Six members, dedication and some great tunes. That is what the Elora, Ontario band, Captured Anthems, brings into the music scene.

Members Asher Gould-Murtagh (vocals / guitar / piano), Wes Chase (guitar), Kris Butler (bass), Izzie Collier (violin), Odessa Dobbie (cello / backing vocals) and Dan Seymour (drums / backing vocals) certainly bring together a unique sound. And, with the band themselves describing their sound as "cinematic/surrealist/post-modern rock/blues/folk/jazz", to say the least, this band knows how to stand out.

Captured Anthems started when Asher asked Wes and Kris to jam. Asher states, "Basically I asked Wes and Kris to come jam, we did and decided to make a serious band out of it. Eventually we asked the other members, who have also been our childhood friends, to join." He went on to add, "It started out as my solo project and they were just a part of my band. But, through practicing more and more, it turned into a permanent band for which I write most of the material."

Musically their influences include the likes of Patrick Watson, Timber Timbre and The Beatles. They added, "But we are also really influenced by the whole indie/folk scene right now. Surprisingly we also listen to a lot of KISS and other fifties rock and roll." They also cited Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, T.S. Eliot and Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes) as lyrical influences.

Right now the band is spreading the word of their music and trying to expand their fan base, saying, "Right now we are really just trying to book events around Ontario and get our name out there. We are just trying to make great music and have people listen to it. In the future we would love to do a Canadian tour. We just released our first EP, titled Waltz, which has nine tracks. It is available basically only at events, but we are also trying to get it into some record stores around Guelph, Ontario."

They released their first EP, Waltz, on April 1st 2011. The EP features nine incredibly constructed songs. Each song stands out and shows just how capable these six young, talented members are. Not to mention the EP design itself is pretty cool, if I do say so.

In this day and age it is key to be able to stand out amongst other artists and bands if you want to make it in the music industry. And, well, these six certainly do.

For now you can check out Captured Anthems online, or at a live event in your area. Also, be sure to purchase their EP, titled Waltz, right away.

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Picture 1: From left to right (across top to across bottom): Kris Butler (bass), Izzie Collier (violin), Dan Seymour (drums / backing vocals), Wes Chase (guitar), Asher Gould-Murtagh (vocals / guitar / piano) & Odessa Dobbie (cello / backing vocals)
Picture 2: Captured Anthems - Waltz EP Cover



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