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Jon Ware, originally from Upper Heyford, Great Britain, is the creative mastermind behind the band Reboot The Robot. Originally formed in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Jon has gone on to grow quite a hefty fan base on Facebook, collecting close to two thousand 'likes' already.

Jon is currently the only member of his band, stating, "Band members are limited to just me for right now. I write, play and sing all of my music. I am open to having other people in the band, but, I have yet to find anyone that has the dedication level needed to really pursue Reboot The Robot."

This band originally started as not much more than a side project that Jon created. He says, "I created Reboot The Robot so that I could perform songs that my band, at the time, did not like. I had a lot of fun in that band, but some of my songs just did not feel like they fit the band. So, Reboot The Robot became the outlet for those songs."

When it comes to inspiration for his songs Jon states that it comes from different aspects of his life, explaining, "There is not really a whole lot that is off limits to me lyrically. I have always used my lyrics as a way to get things off of my chest." Jon also went on to say, “Growing up I had to listen to a lot of Christian rock music because my parents were quite strict. So, I started off with a lot of DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline, POD and Chevelle. As I hit high school I started to sneak newer music on pop stations. Then, once I got out of high school, I was introduced to the whole indie rock movement."

There are lots of exciting things happening with Reboot The Robot over the next little while. Jon will be recording his first full band Reboot The Robot album very soon, adding, "I think a lot of people are going to be caught off guard with it. In a sense it is an experiment because, until now, everything has always been acoustic and low key. But, the new album has acoustic rock and indie, mixed with pop, electronica and lots of harmonies."

On top of working on the upcoming album, Jon has another surprise up his sleeve as well. He is also planning on releasing an entire album of just cover songs, stating, "I asked my fans what songs they would like to hear on a cover album. And, in return, I received some really great suggestions. I think it is a fun project to do and I plan on releasing it for free afterwards."

Jon definitely continues to have bright ideas for the future of Reboot The Robot. When asked about his future Jon says, "I want it to go wherever it can. It is something that I really enjoy doing. I would really like to tour next year for sure. Ideally, I would like to see my songs hit national radio stations, have a top forty album and tour the world over."

You can currently stay informed with Reboot The Robot through various social media websites around the internet. So, definitely check them out and stay tuned for Jon's upcoming releases.

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