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Leave it up to Toronto, Ontario's hardcore/rock band, Man The Destroyer, to bring all they have to the table when it comes to their music. The band originated in [none other than] Hollywood, California. However, with Toronto's very own rock music scene expanding rapidly, they relocated in the hopes of more.

For PJ Bahramian (vocals / guitar), Mike Jones (guitar), Matt Maclean (bass) and Bill Legue (drums) it was their hope to broaden their audience even further.

The band's two original members, PJ and Matt, both state, "We are the only original members from the band, we date back to 2006. After the departure of some original members Bill joined in 2010 and soon after Mike."

When it comes to the inspiration of the band, it is simple, saying, "What gives Man The Destroyer our distinctive sound is that each member has their own unique style of playing. That style is also influenced from different bands and different genres. Our personal influences range from RHCP to As I Lay Dying to Dream To Dream Theater. It travels between metal and funk and all the shades in between. Each member writes their own parts to a very rough idea that is brought on to the table. Sometimes that idea begins with just a riff or vocal melody and everyone then puts their stamp on it."

Man The Destroyer are currently supporting their debut self-titled album by playing events and growing their fan base across North America. They also said, "It is also safe to say that we are always working on the next album."

The band has bright plans for the future. They plan on playing as many festivals as possible along with touring everywhere they can. The band also adds, "We want this band to be on tour so that we can share our music with as many fans as we can all around the world."

Having already played well known Toronto, Ontario venues such as The Phoenix, Opera House and even Lee's Palace, it is obvious this band is going to keep getting bigger.

"Our goal is to bring Man The Destroyer to you, our friends and beloved fans without whom our music will not be heard."

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Picture 1: From left to right (back to front, back to front): Mike Jones (guitar), PJ Bahramian (vocals / guitar), Bill Legue (drums) & Matt Maclean (bass)



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