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London, Ontario's indie rock/alternative band, The Tough Brets, provide noisy pop melodies, great harmonies and addicting rhythms to the backdrop of the Forest City. They bring a musical smorgasbord to the populous by serving up tasty treats from slower, deeper melodies to fuzzy sizzle-pop tunes as well.

After what turned out to be multiple lineup changes, they eventually downsized from seven members all the way to four. Their current lineup consists of Jason Cahill (vocals / bass), Paul Barnes (guitar) and brothers Andrew Neiles (keyboard) and Chris Neiles (drums).

The Tough Brets, in essence, sparked from high school, stating, "Jason, Paul and Chris have been lifelong friends ever since high school. Andrew later joined and the band essentially started."

For inspiration they look to many other famous bands. Some include the popular bands such as Sloan, Fleet Foxes, Land Of Talk, Phoenix, The Meligrove Band and Led Zepplin (John Paul Jones), just to name a few.

The Tough Brets are currently taking time to recording their first EP, adding, "The EP should be out around April or May of 2011." Soon after that, they will start work on a full album. They then plan on self-promoting their brand of fuzz-pop melodies to showcase their first release regionally with local venues, while expanding their fan base.

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Picture 1: From left to right: Jason Cahill (vocals / bass), Chris Neiles (drums), Paul Barnes (guitar) & Andrew Neiles (keyboard)



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