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When you combine the talents of Lee Eisenbarth and Chase Coy it is obvious you are going to end up with something pretty astonishing. Into Airwaves is the musical project that came out of friends Lee and Chase back in 2010.

The indie/electro/pop band is from Indianapolis, Indiana. The two met when Lee was touring with a band called Breathe Electric. Lee shared, "We hit it off and then found out we lived twenty minutes away from each other." Lee then went on to drum for Chase and the two started Into Airwaves.

Lee stated, "Chase and I both draw influences from very different artists. I personally love Death Cab for Cutie. Everything Ben Gibbard writes is heartfelt. Whether it is lyrics or a melody, you can understand where his heart is coming from. I love that transparency about him."

Lee Eisenbarth is currently on tour with Chase playing drums, trumpet and harmonium for his live set. Once they get off tour, their main priority will be finishing Into Airwaves’ debut EP.

The band has done several amazing covers of popular songs. The guys recently covered the songs Hello Seattle and Fuzzy Blue Lights by the electro project Owl City. They have also gone on to cover Katy Perry’s smash hit, Firework.

When asked about the vision for the band Lee answered with, "My ideal vision for Into Airwaves is being on the road meeting new people each night along with constantly pumping out new music. I love being able to go across the country and feel connected to people I have never met. The one thing that brings us together is music. If we can produce music and make someone's day, that is all I can ask for."

For now check out all of Into Airwaves' links and keep up to date with these two [talented] young men.

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Picture 1: From left to right: Chase Coy & Lee Eisenbarth
Picture 2: From left to right: Lee Eisenbarth & Chase Coy



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