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It is funny what two middle school kids messing around in the music room at school can turn into. Ryan Chambers and Tim McKee, both from Kitchener, Ontario, grew up going to school together. Involved in band and choir with the most amazing music teacher ever, Tim eventually discovered Ryan's incredible singing talent. The two then began to make music together. At the same time, Tim and Ryan were developing their skills as instrumentalists.

Eventually the duo decided to officially form a band and started writing songs. Their collaborative songwriting effort produced impressive tunes. But the band was still in a rut; as a duo they could not perform elaborate arrangements. In spite of this, the band had their debut performance at an outdoor event at their high school, Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute. Though it was honestly an over-simplistic, not well rehearsed set, the voice of Ryan Chambers turned a crowd of fifty into a crowd of two hundred. The audience applauded furiously at the end and this reaction seemed to light a spark in Ryan and Tim. At that point they knew that this was what they loved.

In 2010 the band took a change. Ryan met Benji Luangxay at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute and soon discovered that he was a very talented pianist. After a few practices together, Tim and Ryan realized that he was the perfect addition to the band. So he was added to the roster. The three prepared for a performance at an assembly at their school, playing an original song titled Bad Weather. Of course, Ryan sang and he also played guitar. Tim took the drums and Benji played the keyboard. The performance to over one thousand six hundred people was a hit. That was the moment when Every Other Day formed; the performance united Ryan, Tim and Benji in a big way.

Since then, Every Other Day has been preparing for future shows along with making Youtube videos. A variety of sources inspire Every Other Day and the different members' varying backgrounds contribute to their unique fusion of music. Pop, hip hop and rock musicians have inspired Ryan, Tim and Benji and consequentially, the genre of Every Other Day's music is hard to pinpoint.

In days to come, Every Other Day would like to begin playing events regularly around Kitchener, Ontario and become immersed in the local music scene. Though they are young, they believe that have what it takes to succeed.

"Thanks to all the fans out there, you have always done your part to inspire Every Other Day. Stay for awhile and watch Every Other Day grow. It may be quite a sight."

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