Featured: February 2013-2014 - In Reference Of Kings

A lot can happen in only twelve months. Some artists or bands will disband, while others may be climbing the charts.

So, we decided to take a look back and check up on the artists or bands who have previously received a 'Band of the Month' spot to see where they are now.

In February of 2013, you, the fans, voted the Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario band, by the name of Survive The Crash, as our featured 'Band of the Month'. And, well, twelve months have passed so it is time to see just what [friends] Alex Scott (vocals), Ace Sabo (screams), Colin Garrett (guitar / backing vocals), Raffi Sanfilippo (guitar / piano), Conor McCartney (bass) and Morgan Francis (drums) are up to.

After being featured throughout February of 2013, Survive The Crash welcomed in March by playing two local events in Cambridge, Ontario. And, shortly after, they decided to change their name from Survive The Crash to In Reference Of Kings.

In April of 2013, In Reference Of Kings hit the stage at a Basement Entertainment event in Waterloo, Ontario, where they headlined and played alongside three other talented local bands, in front of a filled venue.

On May 8th 2013, the band announced, on their Facebook page, the departure of their vocalist Alex Scott, stating, "We want to wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors and we look forward to seeing what comes out of his other band, Guided Through Darkness. Please check them out and keep supporting him and the other very talented musicians as they make great music."

Later that month, on May 25th 2013, the guys hit the stage again, this time in downtown Kitchener, Ontario.

Just as their fan base, and name, was increasingly taking off, the band posted a statement to  their Facebook page, on July 14th 2013, that read, "As of our show on July 16th, In Reference Of Kings will no longer be a band. We are unfortunately down to three members and we are no longer looking for this sound and no longer wish to pursue as In Reference Of Kings. One last show. One last time to mosh."

Then, two days after announcing their upcoming departure from the local music scene, on July 16th 2013, In Reference Of Kings took the stage, for their final time, as they played an event in Kitchener, Ontario.

Since their disband in mid 2013, each of the members have gone on to different projects and are pursuing somewhat different sounds. But, no matter what happened, In Reference Of Kings certainly made an impact in the Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario music scene with their unique metalcore/hardcore sound and unforgettable live performances.

I continue to wish the guys all the best as they carry on with different projects throughout Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario in their futures.

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