Featured: June 2012-2013 - RocketRocketShip

A lot can happen in only twelve months. Some artists or bands will disband, while others may be climbing the charts.

So, we decided to take a look back and check up on the artists or bands who have previously received a 'Band of the Month' spot to see where they are now.

Last June 2012 we asked you, the fans, who you wanted to see appear on the official Basement Entertainment website as the June 2012 'Band of the Month'. And, after providing you with four options, you guys voted, voted and voted.

After the votes were tallied, the St. John's, Newfoundland [powerpop/rock] band, by the name of RocketRocketShip, came out ahead. And, they received the spot.

So, with twelve months already passed you are probably wondering, what are the guys up to these days? And, well, I have no idea where to begin. These guys have definitely kept busy.

First off, RocketRocketShip played an album release event, on June 23rd 2012. The event took place in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and was in honour of their newest album, Your Best Kept Secret, which was released to iTunes on June 12th 2012. And, things just kept piling up from there.

RocketRocketShip landed on stage nearly several times a month, at times, over the next eleven months. They played an all ages hometown event on August 11th 2012 and ended up sharing the stage with Down With Webster on September 8th 2012.

On September 1st 2012 the band announced, via their official
Facebook page, that they were welcoming their newest member, Jon Pike on vocals. And, just twelve days after that, the guys informed their fans that guitarist Bryce Smith would be leaving the band.

Later that month, RocketRocketShip announced the release of their official music video, which highlights trip footage from their event with Down With Webster, for their song Best Kept Secret. As well, they announced that their new guitarist would be Matt Dines.

Moving forward one month and the guys were busy again, hitting the stage at a Halloween themed event on October 20th 2012, playing a Fall Out Boy cover set. Plus, they announced that they would be playing alongside Faber Drive and Victoria Duffield at their Corner Brook event on December 13th 2012.

In early 2013 they kept themselves occupied playing event after event, making it very easy for local fans to catch them live practically every couple of weeks. And, last month, in May, they announced the addition of their newest vocalist, Tyrone MacNeil, in place of Jon Pike, to the band.

So, it is definitely safe to say these guys kept busy over the last year. The band is [also] currently on tour across parts of Atlantic Canada for most of June of 2013. As well, their newest single, Here's To Us, is available on their official website and was recently picked up by fifteen Canadian radio stations. And, to top everything off, the guys are beginning the work on their newest EP, due out in the fall of 2013.

With everything this band has in the works for 2013 I cannot wait to see what Tyrone MacNeil (vocals), Paul Brake (guitar / backing vocals), Matt Dines (guitar / backing vocals), Dave Shears (bass/ backing vocals), Kenney Purchase (synth) and Jeremy Kelly (drums) will be up to next. And, I truly wish these six young men all the best.

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Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Matt Dines (guitar / backing vocals), Kenney Purchase (synth), Tyrone MacNeil (vocals), Paul Brake (guitar / backing vocals), Jeremy Kelly (drums) & Dave Shears (bass/ backing vocals)
Picture 2: RocketRocketShip - Your Best Kept Secret CD Cover



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