Featured: January 2012-2013 - Slow Motion Victory

A lot can happen in only twelve months. Some artists or bands will disband, while others may be climbing the charts.

So, we decided to take a look back and check up on the artists or bands who have previously received a 'Band of the Month' spot to see where they are now.

Twelve months ago, in January 2012, we announced the Brantford, Ontario band, Slow Motion Victory, as our 'Band of the Month' recipient. So, we thought we would check in to see what these young men have been up to since Basement Entertainment featured them.

Since the passing of Slow Motion Victory's former drummer, Aaron Beamish, in October of 2011, the band has not done too much. Infact, the members took about eight months off to recover and sort out their future. Vocalist Toby Bey stated, "We took some time off to sort out our lives after Aaron passed. And, we recently just got back together and we have started writing for our new EP."

Alongside working on their newest EP, which they are currently in the studio recording over the next few weeks, the band has been playing regular events and festivals as they arise. They even played the Ernie Ball stage at the 2012 Warped Tour last summer in Toronto, Ontario.

As well, Slow Motion Victory are preparing to 're-launch' themselves with the arrival of their newest EP. And, although fans have yet to know when they can expect to hear their newest release, Toby Bey did give some insight into the name, sharing, "Our newest EP is going to be called Road To Redemption. In short, the new EP will be all about the 're-birth' and future of Slow Motion Victory."

So, you will want to continue to follow Slow Motion Victory throughout 2013. Since the release of their debut EP, titled The War Inside, which was released on May 29th 2011, these guys have been building a remarkable fan base all over. And, their newest EP will definitely bring more.

The future of Slow Motion Victory still looks strong. They are hoping to get back on the road after the release of their upcoming EP and start building their fan base even more. They also plan on announcing their new band members that will complete their current lineup.

I cannot wait to continue to follow these young men and their careers. I wish them all the best as they prepare for their future.

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Photo credit: Florian Bey

Picture 1: Slow Motion Victory Logo
Picture 2: Slow Motion Victory - Life In Motion EP Cover



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