Featured: November 2011-2012 - Run Romeo Run

A lot can happen in only twelve months. Some artists or bands will disband, while others may be climbing the charts.

So, we decided to take a look back and check up on the artists or bands who have previously received a 'Band of the Month' spot to see where they are now.

In November of 2011 a [fairly new] band from Airdrie, Alberta, by the name of Run Romeo Run, received the featured spot.

If you read the 'Band of the Month' article last year you would know just how much I adore this band. And, twelve months later and nothing has changed.

Eli Budwill (vocals), Chad McMonagle (guitar), Chris Doi (guitar), Aaron Vaiasicca (bass) and Adam Goring (drums) have certainly been busy this past year. When we originally featured these guys they already had a massive list of amazing achievements behind them. Plus, to top off their impressive list, they travelled from Alberta to Toronto, Ontario this past March 2012 to play Canadian Music Week 2012.

So, what exactly have these guys been up to since we last featured them? Where do I even start...

In this year alone Run Romeo Run has won the 104.5 Rockstar Search, won the SLAM Band Showcase and received rotational airplay through both radio stations, among many other accomplishments. Beyond that, these five performed their hit single, Jezebel, and did an interview on AIR106.1 late last month. They have been hitting the stage continually throughout their current region. Plus, in August of 2012, they released an official music video for their song Jezebel.

What does the future look like for Run Romeo Run? Well, it certainly still looks bright. When asked what they are up to for the rest of this year guitarist Chad McMonagle said, "As for the next few months, we are taking it easy and working on some new singles and possibly a new album." To add to this, Chad expanded by giving some insight as to early 2013 stating, "2013 will be packed with events, new music and, like I said, possibly an album!"

There is no doubt this past year has definitely treated these guys right. Not only has their fan base evolved further, but their music is certainly impressing people all over the world. So, where will Run Romeo Run be in another year? Chad dishes on their future, saying, "Within the next year we hope to branch out and start touring Canada and possibly even the US. It'd be nice to get out to our fans that are outside of the Alberta region. We love making new fans and meeting new people and we'd like to visit new places!"

Well, Run Romeo Run is definitely still a band you need to check out. Like I said, these guys constantly impress me with their talent and everyone else needs to discover them as well. The band would like to also say thank you to their fans writing, "We get a good amount of fan mail and we appreciate it all. We read all your tweets, Facebook messages, emails, etc ourselves so keep it coming!"

Be sure you check out this phenomenal [Airdrie, Alberta] band as they literally never disappoint. Like I said in the 'Band of the Month' feature one year ago, this band is only in the beginning pages of their story. And, this story is worth the effort of following. I wish them all the best for their bright future.

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Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Chris Doi (guitar), Chad McMonagle (guitar), Eli Budwill (vocals), Adam Goring (drums) & Aaron Vaiasicca (bass)
Picture 2: From left to right: Aaron Vaiasicca (bass), Adam Goring (drums), Eli Budwill (vocals), Chris Doi (guitar) & Chad McMonagle (guitar)



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