Featured: March 2014 - The Glass Child

It is March 2014 and you know what that means! It has come time to award another deserving artist or band with our featured 'Band of the Month' spot on Basement Entertainment's official website.

The talented young woman who is taking this month's featured spot could not be more deserving of it. At [just] eighteen, Charlotte Eriksson, better known as The Glass Child, left her hometown of Sweden and set out to follow her passion.

"The story of The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, is one of those you usually only see in movies. Only eighteen years old she left everything she had and knew, family and friends, in Sweden and moved to London, United Kingdom to dedicate her life to her music and art. A vague dream about reaching out with her music became an everlasting journey about fighting for your dreams, self discovery, finding your true purpose and creating something that will mean something."

Over the past three years, Charlotte has gone on to release four unbelievable EPs, as well as one full length album. In 2011 she released two EPs, the first self-titled Charlotte Eriksson and another titled This Is How Ghosts Are Made. In 2012 she released an EP, titled Songs Of An Insomniac, which was [later] followed by her full length album, I'd Like To Remain A Mystery, which was released on February 25th 2013.

Most recently Charlotte released The Glass Child's latest EP, beautifully titled Love Always, Your Tragedy, which was officially released on November 19th 2013. On it is five songs that continue to show Charlotte's passion, drive and obvious talent.

Beyond her releases, Charlotte Eriksson has earned many incredible achievements with The Glass Child. She was named the Breakthrough Indie Artist Of The Year by
Lemonade Magazine and has played on countless radio stations throughout parts of Europe.

As if releasing amazing music is not enough, Charlotte showcased another one of her strong talents, writing, when she released her first novel in April of 2013. Titled Empty Roads And Broken Bottles; In Search For The Great Perhaps, the novel "tells the true and raw story about a girl who had a dream and went for it with all of her heart". Plus, the book even sold out after [just] three days of pre-orders. And, although I have yet to read it myself, fans are calling it a "definite must-read".

By now Charlotte has earned over four thousand 'likes' on Facebook, over twenty six thousand followers on Twitter and [well] over three hundred thousand views on her official Youtube Channel. And, I know she is not slowing down anytime soon. This young woman definitely earns this month's 'Band of the Month' title.

Charlotte Eriksson, known as The Glass Child, is undeniably someone worth checking out and following. I know she will continue to blow us all away, for many more years to come.

As said by Charlotte herself, ”I wanted to turn my life into my art. My very existence into a poem. This is my story. It's been a beautiful fight.”.

You will want to make sure you check out all of The Glass Child's releases. And, everything Charlotte has ever released can be found on her Bandcamp page, including her latest single, I Will Be Ok, which can be viewed here:

The Glass Child Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: Charlotte Eriksson
Picture 2: The Glass Child - Love Always, Your Tragedy EP Cover



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