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It is February 2014 and you know what that means! The time has come, once again, to add another artist or band to Basement Entertainment's [growing] 'Band of the Month' feature on our official website.

Last week we asked you, the fans, to tell us who you wanted to see take the February 2014 featured spot. And, after providing you with four options, as well as four days to cast your vote, by the end of it, Kirty was the clear winner, taking eighty percent of the total votes.

"Kirty is a Toronto, Ontario based musician and writer who has been performing and recording modern roots music with her four piece band, for the past three years."

Kirty, who describes her music as "a corky collection of stories with groovy rhythms and hooks that draw you in", has definitely built her name up within the Canadian music scene over the past few years.

"Her voice is raw, her band mates are handsome and the live performances are emotive and sincere." Plus, her phenomenal modern roots/folk style has you singing along with the first listen.

On October 26th 2012, Kirty released her full length album, titled All I Really Know. And, thankfully the album was complete with eleven songs, although even eleven does not feel like enough...

"All I Really Know is her recent release; an album recorded at The Lincoln County Social Club with producers John Dinsmore and Joshua Van Tassel (also beloved drummer). The album received support from the Ontario Arts Council and MuchFACT (for a video component) and once released, was picked up by CBC Radio and shared with a wider audience."

So, it is pretty obvious just how talented this young woman is. Her music is touching the hearts of fans all around the world, her name is becoming more and more known within the Canadian music industry and, quite frankly, she is just plain talented.

As said on her artist Facebook page, "She studied music, made some friends (which turned into a band) and is now writing, recording and performing as an independent artist in the Toronto, Ontario music scene."

Be sure to check out Kirty's [modern roots/folk] music right away. Her perfect talent is sure to impress anyone who takes a listen. And, this young woman has certainly made her mark on the music scene everywhere she has been so far.

Kirty has countless phenomenal videos available to view on her Youtube Channel, including the song that got me hooked, titled If You're Lonely, which can be seen here:

Kirty Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: Kirty
Picture 2: Kirty - All I Really Know CD Cover



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