Featured: January 2014 - Ashley Sofia

It is January 2014 and you know what that means! It is time to announce the next artist or band who will be taking a 'Band of the Month' spot, right here on Basement Entertainment's official website.

The first artist to earn a featured spot in 2014 is originally from Ticonderoga, New York. I discovered this young lady's incredible voice on Youtube just a few short weeks ago and have been addicted ever since.

Ashley Sofia, the talented woman earning this month's 'Band of the Month' spot, is known for her unbelievable vocal skills, as well as her catchy and unforgettable folk/pop style music.

Drawing influences from big names such as James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and many others, her music is certainly catching the eyes, and ears, of fans all around the world.

"Twenty three year old Ashley Sofia is making waves. In the past year alone she was featured on NME, named a Caffe Lena emerging artist, got international radio play and went on a North East tour. The young artist, barely out of college, has inspired audiences wherever she plays."

"Ashley grew up playing music and writing. When she was just eleven years old, she picked up her father's guitar and learned everything he was willing to show her. Today, sixty songs later, she plays acoustic, electric, the twelve string guitar, piano and harmonica. When Ashley went away to college, she wrote her first album, titled Find Some Peace."

Throughout the past few years Ashley has been releasing music, as well as videos, to both her Bandcamp and Youtube Channel.

On January 30th 2012 Ashley Sofia released Let Go to her Youtube Channel, which has now earned her [just under] ten thousand views. December 4th 2012 she released another original, Let Me Go, Hold Me Back, which has earned [just under] five thousand views. Beyond those releases she has posted many other phenomenal tunes, including one of my favourites, Judas.

Most recently, on July 21st 2013, Ashley released a song titled If We Really Try, a duet performed with J. Lye, to her official Youtube Channel. The video has been steadily earning views, as well as countless positive comments, such as, "Just discovering your work and have to say I really like it all! Great style and sound! Keep it coming and best of luck.", as well as many others.

It is definitely evident that Ashley can sing and write. Her seriously incredible vocal skills, and range, are showcased in every song she releases and her unbelievable songwriting skills are as well.

"Her fresh folk/pop sound has awoken listeners from her hometown to across the ocean. Known for her ability to sing you into a memory, she makes no apology for her commitment to the lyrics. She says her songs are 'poems set to music'."

So, if you want to hear some outstanding folk/pop music, definitely check out Ashley Sofia. I have been blown away with her talent from the first time I listened and I cannot wait to see, and hear, what she releases next.

Make sure to head on over to Ashley Sofia's official Youtube Channel, where you can check out several of her amazing original songs. And, while you are there, please check out her duet with J. Lye, titled If We Really Try, found here:

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