Featured: November 2013 - Travis Williams

It is November 2013 and you know what that means! It has come time to add another deserving artist or band to Basement Entertainment's 'Band of the Month' line up.

Originally from Eagle, Pennsylvania, Travis Williams started his musical endeavours in 2005. And, in the past [nearly] eight years, this young man's music has been touching fans all around the world.

His perfect acoustic sound, that he put together through influences such as Death Cab For Cutie, He Is We, Secondhand Serenade and more, just works. And, his latest EP release, Subtle Thoughts, continues to showcase that even further.

Travis Williams, who now resides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, released his brand new EP, Subtle Thoughts, on November 11th 2013. And, of course, each track found on the EP flows right into the next, creating one heck of a phenomenal EP.

Building up to his latest release, Travis released his very first song to fans on June 30th 2010. The song, titled Collapsing, was a song that instantly made you realize what
would be coming. And, his debut three song EP, titled We Are Significant, which was released January 28th 2011, certainly kept building to his success.

Shortly after his EP release, Travis released a single in suspense of his latest EP. That song, called I, Alone, was [yet another] big hit and, much like his earlier songs as well, the lyrics to I, Alone caught my attention.

Beyond Travis' amazing acoustic melodies, his lyrics are something that gets me hooked, as well as fans. Mastering the art of lyrics is definitely a key element to a successful and relatable song. And, well, Travis has no problems with that.

His lyrics themselves are always incredibly mature and insanely relatable and realistic. Plus, his fans, who are always posting kind words for this young man on his Facebook page, would agree as well.

So, if you want some true, relatable and quite simply perfect acoustic tunes to listen to, Travis Williams' definitely delivers. And, his latest EP, Subtle Thoughts, is definitely worth checking out in the process as well.

Travis has his entire EP, titled Subtle Thoughts, available for listen on his Bandcamp page. So, please check it out on his page, here:

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Picture 1: Travis Williams
Picture 2: Travis Williams - Subtle Thoughts EP Cover



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