Featured: August 2013 - Save Face

lt is August 2013 and you know what that means! It is [finally] time to add another incredible artist or band to Basement Entertainment's [growing] 'Band of the Month' list.

For the past six days Basement Entertainment asked you, the fans, to tell us who you wanted to see snag this month's featured spot. So, with four options given, you guys voted, voted and, well, voted some more.

The voting quickly added up and one band [almost] instantly dominated. On the final voting day the same band was on top, eventually beating out the band in second place with fifteen extra votes. And, that band was the Trenton, New Jersey band, Save Face.

Just through their outstanding voting tallies alone, it is undeniably clear that Save Face are backed by a hefty army of fans. Infact, their fan base is [just] over one thousand one hundred fans strong on their Facebook page, pretty impressive for a band that just formed around nine months ago. And, it is no wonder why fans are loving them.

Save Face, which consists of Tyler Povanda (vocals), Tyler Cranden (guitar / backing vocals), Shane Dermanjian (guitar), Chris Hranj (bass) and Chris Wills (drums), put forth a unique punk style sound. Plus, their latest EP has surely assisted this band's fan base, and overall attention, even further.

Save Face released their first EP, titled Lost At Heart, on January 5th 2013 to their Bandcamp page. And, just five months later and the guys released another fantastic EP, once again to their Bandcamp page. However, their second EP is a little different than that of their first. Titled Banana Split, the EP [not only] encloses Save Face original tunes, but it also showcases another talented [Sydney, Australia based] band, Brightener.

The first three tracks of Banana Split, titled Dog Years, Run With The Hare and Hunt With The Hounds, are devoted to Save Face. Meanwhile, the latter half of the EP, the songs Light 'Em Up Boy, You're Doin' Good and His Return, He Hoped For, are from Brightener. And, together both bands complete a phenomenal EP.

So, there we have it. Yet another talented band to add to Basement Entertainment's 'Band of the Month' list, taking the August 2013 position. And, if you have yet to come across Save Face you will want to right away. Their [already] strong fan base, unique music and overall professionalism and drive is something to check out and support. I know we will continue to hear from these five talented young men for a long time.

If you have been unable to see this band live, you will certainly want to check out their EP, Banana Split, on their Bandcamp page. The entire split album, also featuring Brightener, can be found here:

Save Face Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Tyler Cranden (guitar / backing vocals), Chris Wills (drums), Tyler Povanda (vocals), Chris Hranj (bass) & Shane Dermanjian (guitar)
Picture 2: Save Face | Brightener - Banana Split EP Cover



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