Featured: July 2013 - RadioDriveBy

It is July 2013 and you know what that means! It is that time again. Time to announce another artist or band who will be taking our 'Band of the Month' spot for this July 2013.

The only thing disappointing about the band taking this month's featured spot is the fact that it took me until [late] last month to discover them.

From Tempe, Arizona, RadioDriveBy, consisting of Trent Clark (vocals), Adam Simons (guitar), David Glosser (guitar), Evan Yuen (bass) and Austin Gavin (drums), are the ones earning this month's spot.

I discovered this band's incredible alternative/pop/punk style music on Twitter one day as I was looking through tweets and suggestions. I immediately hopped on over to their official Facebook page, as well as their Youtube Channel, to check out their tunes. And, I was immediately thrilled about their talent.

The passion these five young men portray is quite obvious. It is clear that they want to provide their fans with inspirational and [very] catchy tunes that will instantly get you hooked. And, quite honestly, that is what they master.

The band first came about in 2009 and since that time they have gathered around eleven thousand 'likes' on Facebook and close to sixty four thousand followers on Twitter. Oh, and of course, just under the one hundred thousand mark of views on their Youtube Channel, proving fans are adoring their music as much as I am.

RadioDriveBy released their first single, Sunday, to their iTunes page on December 4th 2011. The song was followed by their EP, titled On Your Way, which was put out on Marc
h 2nd 2012. Just eight months after that release and the guys released their short For The Season EP on November 30th 2012.

All of their 2012 releases received major thumbs up from fans. Infact, there are literally only extremely positive reviews for any song they have ever released. And, they kept that reputation up, yet again, when they released another three song EP on April 8th 2013 titled MMXIII.

RadioDriveBy's previous releases were all incredible. But, when the band released their newest single, titled Go All Night, released on June 25th 2013, they certainly raised the bar even higher.

Go All Night, the song that caused me to discover the band in the first place, combines ridiculously phenomenal vocals, lyrics, melodies and, well, do I have to go on? Plus, it may just be my summer 2013 'song of choice'.

So, with a steady fan base consistently blooming, and an overall sound that they should be proud of, RadioDriveBy is a band to keep your eyes on for sure.

If you have not been able to catch the band's newest single, Go All Night, you can check out a lyric video they posted on their official Youtube Channel, found here:

RadioDriveBy Links:
Official Website

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Evan Yuen (bass), Adam Simons (guitar), Trent Clark (vocals), David Glosser (guitar) & Austin Gavin (drums)
Picture 2: RadioDriveBy - Go All Night Single Cover



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