Featured: April 2013 - Justin Briner

It is April 2013 and you know what that means! It is time to announce the next artist or band that will be receiving Basement Entertainment's 'Band of the Month' featured spot.

For the past week we put the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge, Ontario artists and bands Credit Valley, Justin Briner, Lancaster and Riley O'Donnell up on our poll and asked you, the fans, to cast your votes. And, after a fairly close ending, winning by just two votes, Justin Briner is the one receiving this month's 'Band of the Month' spot.

From New Hamburg, Ontario, Justin Briner, who is currently [just] twenty one years old, combines alternative, pop and rock into his unforgettable acoustic music. As well, his live performance is something you will walk away from wanting to hear more of.

I first met Justin is early August of 2012 as he was playing a Basement Entertainment event in Kitchener, Ontario. Instantly his incredible personality, talent and serious passion stuck with me. And, in the last eight months of knowing him Basement Entertainment has booked Justin four times because of that.

On Justin Briner's Facebook page he states, "Hello, my name is Justin Briner. I've been writing lyrics, singing and playing guitar for about five years now. I have written, and been a part of writing, over one hundred pieces of music over the past five years. I try to write music that people can relate to, yet still have that use of imagination where people can interpret my lyrics anyway they want to. My music means a lot to me and has helped me so much throughout my teen years."

Justin Briner released his record, titled Silent Imagery, on October 24th 2012 on his Bandcamp page. The record, as well as his growing online presense, definitely helped line up some new fans for this young man. And, currently Justin sits at two hundred and fifty 'likes' on Facebook and just under three thousand views on Youtube.

Building on that release, this past January 28th 2013, Justin released his newest EP, titled Time Will Tell. Just like his record, the EP is filled with four insanely well written songs, including his live hit, Crossroads. The EP also holds the song So, What Are You People Made Of? which was featured as Basement Entertainment's 'Song of the Week' back in early December of 2012. As well, you can usually catch Justin's hit, So, What Are You People Made Of?,  at any of his live events, singing alongside his best friend, and the very talented, Jacob Brenneman.

So, it is no doubt that Justin's music will continue to grow as time goes on. It is honestly amazing as to what this twenty one year old can come up with. His lyrics are insanely relatable and his overall songs definitely show this young man's insane talent. Justin Briner is certainly someone to follow.

If you have not seen the exclusive So, What Are You People Made Of? video that Justin Briner and Jacob Brenneman recorded for Basement Entertainment back in December of 2012, make sure you check it out, here:

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Picture 1: Justin Briner
Picture 2: Justin Briner - Time Will Tell EP Cover



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