Featured: February 2013 - Survive The Crash

It is February 2013 and you know what that means! It is time to award [yet] another artist or band with Basement Entertainment's 'Band of the Month' spotlight.

Every other month we give you, the fans, the opportunity to vote for your favourite artist or band to be featured. So, once again, we put four artists and bands up and made you choose who you wanted to see be featured.

Although the count was very close, Survive The Crash was the band that remained on top when the poll closed, winning by just three votes. And, because of you, they are February's featured 'Band of the Month'.

Not only are Survive The Crash from right here in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, but these six young men have thoroughly impressed me with their talent.

Although the band originated in 2011, it was not until recently that their line up of dedicated members was complete. Now consisting of Alex Scott (vocals), Ace Sabo (screams), Colin Garrett (guitar / backing vocals), Raffi Sanfilippo (guitar / piano), Conor McCartney (bass) and Morgan Francis (drums), this metalcore/hardcore style band is kicking it into high gear.

When asked about how the band started, vocalist Alex Scott states, "It all started with Colin and I just sitting down and writing songs together. We struggled for quite a while to find a dedicated group who were committed as much as us. And, it wasn't until recently that that finally happened."

Survive The Crash played their first event with Basement Entertainment last month, on January 5th 2013, in Kitchener, Ontario. Not only did their talent impress fans, but their ability to get the crowd going throughout their performance is something they master as well.

It is seriously apparent that this band will continue to stay strong throughout 2013. Alex shared some insight into what Survive The Crash will be up to over the next little while, adding, "As for the next little while, we will continue recording our very first EP, which we have started. We also plan on performing more and maybe even touring over the summer."

So, Survive The Crash is, once again, a band you should stay in tune with. The past little while has proven that this band is ready to take over 2013. And, with what they have in store, that may just be true.

Definitely check out Survive The Crash's Youtube Channel to keep in the loop with the progress on their EP. You can even watch a video update of their first day in the studio, here:

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