Featured: January 2013 - Cloud Nine

It is January 2013 and you know what that means! It is time to announce the next artist or band to receive the first 'Band of the Month' title of 2013.

The two young men who are receiving the title this month are part of an incredible pop/punk band from Airdrie, Alberta, by the name of Run Romeo Run.

Yes, if you even remotely follow Basement Entertainment you have probably seen the name Run Romeo Run come up several times on our official website and Facebook page. Since discovering them, Basement Entertainment has certainly been promoting them every chance possible. So, when Run Romeo Run's guitarist, Chad McMonagle, told me about his project with [vocalist] Eli Budwill, I already knew there were some great tunes in store.

Cloud Nine, Eli and Chad's newest project, is one that will definitely be blowing up as 2013 continues. Eli Budwill (vocals) and Chad McMonagle (guitar / backing vocals) released their first single, titled Over & Out, on January 1st 2013, which has already created a [growing] buzz for them. Their unique and addicting pop/rock style, mixed with the phenomenal production, provided by their friend, Colton Peters, will definitely get them noticed this year.

The two have explained their newest project on their Facebook page, stating, "The two talented musicians decided to break away from their pop/punk sound and move to full on pop. This has been an exciting move for the young duo. Combining their talents, Chad composed the music an
d the two worked their magic together for the lyrics. In addition to Chad and Eli's writing skills, their first single, Over & Out, was produced by Colton Peters from Hey Bombshell, one quarter of Canada's hot new boy band. The three have managed to create a real dance feel to Cloud Nine's first single. Because of their combined knowledge they were able to add strong harmonies and guitar to give it a more musical dance feel rather than filling Over & Out with straight digital mixes."

Cloud Nine is definitely a name that will popping up within the music scene, all around the world, this year. With just one single out, they have already sparked a buzz and fans are stoked to see what will be released next, as am I.

"Together Chad and Eli have created something special in Cloud Nine and will soon be topping the charts around the world. The exciting sound, and catchy lyrics, will have people hitting the dance floor and screaming for more."

Without a doubt you will want to search, bookmark and follow this duo. Their future looks amazing.

If you have not checked out Cloud Nine's Youtube Channel and discovered their studio music video for Over & Out make sure you do so right away, here:

Cloud Nine Links:

Photo credit: Facebook

Picture 1: From left to right: Chad McMonagle (guitar / backing vocals) & Eli Budwill (vocals)
Picture 2: Cloud Nine - Over & Out Single Cover



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